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Rachel K’s Home Cookin’ / Home Ec. Express

pinwheel yellow  -  | Windy Pinwheel | Family Fun Adventures | Northern Nevada | Reno | Sparks | Lake Tahoe | SierrasPicture this… sitting out near the Truckee River with farm fresh vegetables growing all around you. Now imagine you and your child are walking through the process of making a fresh meal together. Imagine no more… Rachel K’s Home Cooking has added cooking classes for kids and adults. Home Ec. Express is a fun new way for families to learn their way around the kitchen together.

Getting your kids involved in preparing a meal for the family can often be some of the happiest memories we make as parents, not to mention a way to keep your child occupied with both something that they will learn to use again and again, but also something to do as a part of the family where they can contribute when making meals together. Rachel K. is a knowledgable teacher who loves bringing the joy of cooking to all ages.

Located at the River School Farm in West Reno, Rachel K’s Home Ec. Express classes take place near the Truckee River on a live working farm full of all sorts of animals from goats to chickens and even active bee hives to pollinate all of the vegetables growing on the property. Once you’ve made your meal, you can enjoy it outdoors near the river on a warm Spring or summer evening with your little ones.

When: Classes are offered in the afternoons and weeknights (check out their website for updated schedule).

Where: Kids classes take place at the River School Farm.

What: Cooking class geared towards your child’s age and readiness to cook.

How to dress and what to bring: Bring yourself and an apron if you want to dress the part.

Need to know: This is a hand’s on class; you will get fully involved in the preparation of the meal. You will learn about the skills of the kitchen and eating is encouraged.

Extra Extra: Classes are also offered for families with babies who want to make their own baby food and classes for older kids where they learn to cook without their parents (imagine your children making dinner for you!). Rachel also offers catering services, in-home classes and classes just for adults, in case you want a night out.

Website/Contact Information: http://www.rachaelkhomecookin.com/

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Rachel Krysiak
Rachel K’s Home Cooking / Home Ec. Express

About Rachel K: Rachael K is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association. She is a certified Personal Chef, a Certified Food Safety Manager, and is certifiably crazy about great Home Cookin’. She has worked in kitchens across the country, from her roots in Ohio down to Southern Louisiana, from the Smokies in Tennessee to the Sierras of Reno. She has had an obsession with cooking since she was old enough to lick the brownie batter bowl. She holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Fine Craft. When she is not being a personal chef she can be found in her organic garden, making wine with her Husband, playing with her 2 sons, or creating a work of fine craft. She believes in community, sustainability, practicality, hard-work, and honesty. She respects her client’s values and wishes regarding their diets and homes.

Rachael Krysiak
Certified Personal Chef
Source: RachaelKHomecookin.com

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  • KarenHand

    I believe that it is imperative that everyone learn to cook their own food simply for their own survival sake, as an individual may not always be around to cook for you and eating out is not only unhealthy, but expensive. The meals don’t have to be extravagent, but everyone should know what is what in the kitchen for the preparation of food, or at least the basics. I like the idea that they have classes for children as well as for adults. Learning to cook is just the start to becoming self-sufficient, which will be critical in adulthood.

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