“On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot’s FREE Kids Workshop offer fun and useful projects like building toolboxes, fire trucks and mail organizers, birdhouses, Mother’s Day gifts, or any number of other cool projects.” – The Home Depot Website

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Orange PinwheelThis past January 4, 2014, my kids and I headed out of the house to give mom some peace and quiet with our newborn baby (born December 31, 2013). We The Home Depot on Steamboat Parkway in Reno, . We knew, after walking into one earlier in the 2013 year that every month on the first Saturday, The Home Depot puts on a free Kids Workshop. My kids are always for some adventure when it comes to building something or doing , so we decided this month was a good opportunity to attend.

“The workshops are great for 5- to 12-year-olds, and they teach children do-it-yourself skills and tool safety and at the same time they help to instill a sense of accomplishment.” – The Home Depot Website

Kids Workshops are a great opportunity to help your child explore the use of tools like hammers and nails as well as paint their creation using their own .

On this particular Saturday, we built a desk calendar, the kind that are made of wood that you would manyally turn the numbered block to the correct number to match the date. The kids, all month, have been turning the numbers each day to keep track of the date themselves. They really enjoy knowing what day of the month it is.

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Now, my daughter is 5 years-old and my son is 3 years-old and the workshops are designed for kids between the ages of 5-12 years-old. However, with my help, my son had a wonderful time. I did all the hammering and he did all of the painting. He really likes red, so he painted his desk calendar pieces to his heart’s content. However, he missed a few spots, so I helped him fill them in. My daughter chose pink and purple. Together, their craft/workshop creations turned out better than we could have hoped.

Note: The Home Depot staff provide snacks and drinks to the little ones who attend and quantities are limited in both the craft itself and the snacks/drinks, so it is best to arrive near the start time if you hope to participate in that month’s workshop or you can sign up online. Please be sure to take a look at this blog post to learn more.

Overall, our kids have never had a bad experience at one of these workshops and you are sure to have a experience when you attend.

We also want to mention that Lowe’s Home Improvement store also hosts a similar event that is free for kids to attend, but they are intermittant in their choice of dates. We will follow up with a post about their workshops in the future, so don’t forget to check back later for a post about workshops.

» Check out these Kids Workshop videos on YouTube «

Where: The Home Depot.

What: Kids Workshops.

When: The first Saturday of the month.

Need to know: Kids Workshops are designed for 5-12 year-old with adult supervision. The Home Depot can be dangerous for unsupervised , so please look out for them at all times while you are in the store with them.

Extra Extra: These Kids Workshops are free to the public and you can often come without preregistering. You can get free snacks and drinks while attending the free workshops. The Home Depot supplies aprons for your kids to wear throughout the project, so if there is paint, it can protect your clothes; mostly. However, unlike the Lowe’s workshops, The Home Depot does not supply safety goggles, so if you have some at home, please bring them with you or purchase some inside the store.

Website/Contact Information: Workshops.HomeDepot.com.

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