Happy Thanksgiving thanksgiving printable love notes

Gobble, gobble gobble. Download your free Thanksgiving printable love notes for your lunch box below.

Purple Pinwheel thanksgiving printable love notesHappy Thanksgiving. Last month we offered free themed printables and we mentioned that we were going to offer a new set each month. Today, we bring you Thanksgiving printable love notes to share with your kids to put in their lunch boxes as you send them off for the day. Using the Thanksgiving theme, we were able to create 12 unique fun and family-friendly printables for you and your children to enjoy. From the pilgrims of Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower, and Native American headdresses, we created something for boys and girls alike for this Thanksgiving printable love notes set.

Thanksgiving is a time in our family to reflect on what we’re thankful for. For our children to be healthy, for each of us to be free from want, and to be surrounded by those we love, sharing these love notes with your would bring the most joy to our hearts as we’re thankful for all of our readers and subscribers we have. Please download and share this set of Thanksgiving printable love notes today!

Don’t know that much about Thanksgiving?

More than just a day for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a great NFL football game, or a great feast, Thanksgiving has a deeper meaning and we want invite you to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving on the History.com website.

What you are thankful for most in this world? Please, leave a comment below. We’ll start…. we are thankful for you, our readers.

Thanksgiving Themed Lunch Box Love Notes, 2012 Copyright Christine Hull, Windy Pinwheel thanksgiving printable love notes

2012 Copyright
Christine Hull,
Windy Pinwheel

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  • Karen Hand

    Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone for this year, that does not mean that I cannot take advantage of these love notes, and they are not only reserved for children. Personally, I have printed some of these to be used in conjunction with my scrapbooking projects as they make great additions to my photos. Thank you.

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