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Jen Schmidt is local Reno, photographer for Jen Schmidt Photography that captures the essence of life.

Purple Pinwheel jen schmidt photographyIt was 2009 and I had a precious 12 week-old baby that was just itching to be professionally photographed. I began my search as any 21st-century mother would do, by pleading on Face if anyone knew of great photographers in the Reno-Tahoe area. I was given a list of recommendations that sounded great, but after some research and some obvious no’s (my brother’s girlfriend likes to take photos, etc.) I decided to ask my all-knowing mother if she knew of anyone in town. As luck would have it, she did.

Her name is Jen Schmidt and she had just left her job at the Reno Gazette Journal to start her own business, Jen Schmidt Photography. I checked out some samples of her work and they were just what I was looking for, so I gave her a call. Fortunately, Jen’s schedule was open and she was able to pencil me in the following week.

Jen Schmidt Photography: Baby Feet and Heart, Source: jen schmidt photography

The session that followed was everything I had hoped for. Before Jen arrived, I had given her an idea of what I wanted. Since it was late November and I wanted to take photos of my son without him channeling the little boy from A Christmas Story, I opted to take photos inside. I wanted a few of him sleeping, him awake, if possible, and some cute mommy-baby photos. Jen understood this implicitly and directed me right away. The resulting shots were stunning. In our 1.5 hour session, Jen got about 200 photos of baby C and me, including my all-time favorite pose of the hand heart and baby feet. In less than two weeks, she came back with a completed CD filled with professionally-proofed shots. Now, looking at my three year son, I am so incredibly grateful for the time Jen put into her work to help capture my son’s fleeting moments of babyhood. I knew we would use her as our go-to photographer again, which we did the following year.

Jen Schmidt Photography: Tumbling Toddler, Source: jen schmidt photography

Now, I know, with digital SLR cameras and photoshopping techniques, nearly everyone considers themselves a photographer. But, let’s face it, owning a fancy camera does not a photographer make. There is an innate skill involved. It’s the ability to capture a natural smile, and gentle kiss, an emotional moment that makes photographs become so much more than a staged backdrop with an equally staged grin. Jen has this ability, in spades. She is a master of her craft and, in the three years her photography business has been in existence, has gone on to do weddings, proposals, senior photos, family outings, baby shots and births, birthdays, political events, sporting events, commencement ceremonies, and even boudoir sessions. Jen literally does it all.

Jen Schmidt Photography: Little Boy Hiking, Source: jen schmidt photography

Jen’s fees are worked out prior to her sessions, depending on how long you want your session with her to last. For me, the price was incredibly reasonable ( I was pleasantly surprised, actually) and with that I got the right to reprint my photos, something you may not receive when you opt for a photographer that gives you prints rather than digital copies.

I cannot rasp rhapsodies enough about Jen and her service. Her photography skill eclipses her years. With the holiday season fast approaching, if you are looking for a professional photographer that will give you beautifully-proofed candid images of you and your family (or whatever your needs be), I highly recommend Jen Schmidt Photography.

Jen Schmidt Photography: Baby Snuggles, Source: jen schmidt photography


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  • Customer Service 10
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