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Surprise your kids and make their day with these free printable Halloween love notes for their lunch boxes.

Orange PinwheelI found these little tin mail boxes for our kids and wanted to leave them little notes in the weeks before Valentine’s Day and found that the notes were a nice little way for them to wake up each morning. I laminated the little notes before I put them in their lunch boxes, and with one child teething at the time it was best to protect the little notes so they lasted through the day.

Being a full time working parent sending my children off to school can be tough some days. There are days when I miss them so much, sending a little “love note” in their lunch boxes is a small way I can remind them half way through their day how much I love them. I like to picture them sitting at their cute preschool tables unpacking their lunches and finding a fun new “love note”.

Every month we will post a new set of lunch box notes.

This month, in honor of we share some SPOOK-tacular love notes for you to print and share with your children.

The Valentine’s Day notes were such a huge success for us this year, we thought we could make some in the spirit of . We hope you like them as much as we do. It brings the biggest smile to our faces as parents knowing that we made our kids’ day.

If you download the set below, be sure to report back and let us know if they are a hit with your kids in your household.

Halloween Printable Lunch Box Notes, 2012 Copyright Christine Hull, Windy Pinwheel

2012 Copyright Christine Hull,
Windy Pinwheel

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  • Karen Hand

    This is such a terrific idea. With today’s society being so busy, there are times when you simply can’t spend the time with your children that you want to. By including these little notes in their lunch boxes, you brighten their day, and it is a simple way to let them know that you are there for them and that you are thinking of them. They can also offer words of encouragement to the child if he is having a difficult day at school. I like the idea that you laminate the cards to keep them in tact, so you can reuse them at another time. Another idea which you didn’t mention, but these cards don’t necessarily have to be strictly for your children. While these particular cards might be a bit juvenile, the idea is there where you can create a more mature card for older children or even adults. Shoot, I would put one of these in my husband’s lunch bucket to give him a snicker or two and allow him to relax from the tension of his job.

  • Will Hull

    Great job on these Christine. I know there is many a mama out there who will appreciate these Halloween love notes. Love you.

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