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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

When you enroll in our advertising affiliate program at https://windypinwheel.com (hereafter referred to as Windy Pinwheel), the offering as an advertising affiliate only exists to any sale of any advertising space on this website and does not apply to any products sold in the store. Once you sign up to be an affiliate of Windy Pinwheel, you will be provided with a unique link to track traffic back to Windy Pinwheel that will track any sales of any advertising space hosted on Windy Pinwheel.

Once an advertisement is sold, you will receive 10% commission off of that ad space purchased. Also, any future advertisements sold on this site where the user uses the same email address to log in and purchase any new advertising space will also earn you 10% commission. We do not offer any commission off of a renewal of a subscription to a certain advertising slot, however.

The period from purchase to be eligible for payment is 14 days. An advertisement much be purchased and a total of 14 days must pass before any commission will be awarded via PayPal.

If you find these terms and conditions agreeable, please sign up as an advertising affiliate and start earning commissions today.
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