High Tech Kids: Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose: Cow, Source: iTunes, http://bit.ly/V2TWS8

In the High Tech Kids series we will share our favorite apps and kid friendly technology. Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Trucks, Park Math, Word Wagon, Wheels on the Bus, phonics and math. All from Duck Duck Moose? Oh my! Duck Duck Moose Apps for iPhone and Android View in iTunes Our daughter received an iPad (the original) as a gift from my mom when they were still fairly new. My husband, Will, and I already had iPhones at the time, so we knew she loved playing with the apps and we had already discovered our first Duck Duck Moose app. We originally were told by a friend to download the “Wheels on the Bus” app. Our daughter, A, loved… Read More →

The Toll House Pumpkin Patch: Cute name, not-so-cute service

Toll House Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkin Bounce House, 2012 Copyright Christine Hull, Windy Pinwheel

South Reno’s Pumpkin Patch Lauren’s Take Christine’s Take Disclaimer Before we began our reviews, we want to give you some backstory. This review was difficult to write, and we struggled over whether we should post it at all. We started this site with the hope of promoting local businesses to families around town. Businesses suitable for families and kids. We were hesitant to post something negative. Especially since we have so few posts at this point and since we’re so new to the blogging community and an organization in Reno, Nevada. Our husbands helped in that regard. Would we want our close friends to have the same experience? The answer was an easy and emphatic, no. That’s why we finally… Read More →

Run Mama Run: Selecting the Right Equipment

Young woman running outdoors in a city park on a cold fall/winter day

Run Mama Run Series In this series of posts, Lauren and Christine plan to provide their own personal stories of running, getting into and staying in shape, losing baby weight and taking some time out of their busy schedules for themselves. Both Lauren and Christine love to run, especially outside with the beautiful Sierras in the background. Northern Nevada has some of the most beautiful running trails, including many just steps from your front door. Join us as we begin our running adventure. Running isn’t just something you do by jumping up off the couch and opening the front door and jogging into your neighborhood. However, it’s nearly the case with iPhone apps like Couch-to-5K (view their website) and other… Read More →

Bring your kids to The Clay Canvas

The Clay Canvass - Kid, Source: Groupon, http://gr.pn/RH0dEw

Arts and crafts, pottery, paint brushes and family fun. Looking for a fun activity to unleash your creative side, try painting pottery at The Clay Canvas. It’s a great activity to get the creative juices flowing and a great chance to make memories with your kids, not to mention a chance to get messy. The Clay Canvas in Reno offers a fantastic little studio with plenty of options for painting everything from a teapot to a figurine or just something fun like what my daughter chose, a ladybug. The Clay Canvas is perfect for a fun activity with your children (age 3 and older), a date night or even ladies night out. I had the chance recently, to take my… Read More →

Horizon View Park

Horizon View Park, Reno Nevada - 2012 Copyright Will Hull, Windy Pinwheel

Casual playtime. On any given day in Southeast Reno, Nevada, this is the scene one will find at Horizon View Park near Depoali Middle School. Complete with a set of swings and four separate slides, a rock to climb and a rentable shade shelter/structure. This park has all the goods for regular attendance. Within walking distance from where my family and I live, this was a great park to visit for a casual occasion. Although it may not have all the features that Damonte Ranch Park has, it is still worth a visit or even regular visits. The park is in a wide open space surrounding the play area with grass (perfect for flying a kite on one of Reno’s… Read More →

Terry L. Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

Terry L. Wells Nevada Discovery Museum - 2012 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel

Lauren’s Take Christine’s Take Will’s Take Discovering Nevada through a child’s eyes Not too long ago a common lament about the Reno/Tahoe area was that there were not enough educational activities to do with your children. Well, thanks to the arrival of the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, that old whine can finally be put to rest. At 10:00 am on a bright (and hot) Saturday morning, Christine and I caravan’d three excited kids to downtown Reno for C and my first trip to the Nevada Discovery Museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard nothing but rave reviews from fellow moms but wasn’t sure if it lived up to the hype. Well, it did, in spades…. Read More →