Pah Rah Mountain Park in Sparks, Nevada

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Get outdoors and experience Pah Rah Mountain Park in Sparks,

Dark Green Pinwheel pah rah mountain park in sparks, nevadaLast weekend, I had the chance to have an adventure and get out of the house with my son and visit Pah Rah Mountain Park (hereafter referred to as Pah Rah) in Sparks, .


  • pah rah mountain park in sparks, nevada

Located off of Vista, north of D’Andrea, Pah Rah is a great park to visit in Sparks, . My last visit to this park was when I was still attending Edward C. Reed High School in the late 1990s. Does that make me old? One evening with some friends we played flag football there and had a great time. Since then, however, the park has dramatically changed for the better. Where there was once mostly open grass fields, now there are four separate playground areas.

What I was most impressed with is the main disability accessible playground. Any child, including children that may use a wheelchair or assistive device(s) can have a great time here.

Pah Rah has several other amenities as well. The park boasts two gazeebo areas, two horseshoe pit areas with two pits each, two volleyball court areas, two tennis courts, and a basketball court. All of these features are on top of the wide open grass areas. This park has it all; to please anyone from a child to an adult.

Further, shade is plentiful at this park. Unlike the local parks for me in South Reno, this park has mature trees and gazebos for shade to cool down on a hot day.

Finally, there are charcoal barbecues throughout the park. So, if you are looking to picnic or barbecue with friends outdoors, Pah Rah may be a great choice to visit.

My son and I had a fantastic time at this park and you are sure to as well. If you ever find yourself in Sparks, please take a minute and stop by Pah Rah Mountain Park. You’ll be glad you did.

Where: Pah Rah Mountain Park, Sparks, 89434 off Vista Boulevard, north of D’Andrea and Mendive Middle School.

Pah Rah Mountain Park, Sparks, NV

What: Outdoor “All Abilities” playground and park.

When: All week long 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Zone.

Need to know: Bring some sunscreen. Even though there is plentiful shade, you may need sun protection.

Extra Extra: Reserve a gazeebo area if you plan on having an event or get together there.

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  • Exercise Space 10
  • Fun for All Ages 10
  • Open Space 10
  • Outdoor Shade 10
  • Possible Hazard 9.5
  • Slides 10
  • Swings 10
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