Disney Movies Anywhere: Free movie offer and how to Chromecast digital Disney movies to your TV

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Do you like Disney movies? Do you have Disney Movie Rewards? This Disney Movies Anywhere app review and how to stream Disney movies to your TV using Chromecast is for you.

Lime Green Pinwheel disney movies anywhereHave you heard… Disney took a huge step in the world of digital movies this past month when they released a new app on iTunes. Disney Movies Anywhere actually syncs with iTunes, so if you purchased a Disney movie digitally through iTunes or you registered a digital copy with your Disney Movie Rewards account, you now have access to them through the app and/or iTunes. You even get a free movie (The Incredibles**) for signing up! How cool is that?

To take this exciting app further, a couple weekends ago we tried it out using our Chromecast system to watch Frozen and Mary Poppins on our TV through our Disney Movies Anywhere account using my laptop to “cast” through my Chrome browser. The days of even buying a DVD and/or Blu-Ray are soon going to be a distant memory.


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Check it out, definitely a simple and easy way to get more use from your digital Disney movies.

I have but one question about this move to digital for Disney. When movies come out or move back into the Disney vault, how will Disney capitalize on the next wave of digital advancement if movies are already in high definition? Just like we have to get the latest version of Bambi or Pete’s Dragon on Blu-Ray, even though we may have it on DVD or, if you’re really holding on to your copy, VHS, what will be the next wave to replace this new digital version we will own? Time will tell, but for me, I love this new digital era and you can consider me an early adopter when it comes to less discs in house which equals less clutter in our lives while still sharing the magic of Disney with our own kids.

*You must have a Disney Movie Rewards account to make this work, but it’s a free account and you can earn points to enter vacation sweepstakes, use points to purchase Disney memorabilia and/or Disney experiences.

**The Incredibles movie offer is listed on the Disney Movie Anywhere website as for a limited time and the free movie can change at anytime to another movie or end altogether, so act quickly if you hope to “cash in” on this deal with a free movie.

“Disney is in talks with other platforms – such as Android – about carrying Disney Movies Anywhere,” reports the Los Angeles Times, but for now, it is only available through iTunes or through the Disney Movies Anywhere website.

Disney Movies Anywhere (2016) Promo

About Disney Movies Anywhere

What: Disney Movie Anywhere app

Where: iTunes and Disney Movies Anywhere website.

When: Act now or any time. Act now and receive a free copy of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Need to know: Can synchronize with iTunes purchases and Disney Movie Rewards digital copies.

Extra Extra: Log into the Disney Movies Anywhere website with the Google Chrome browser on a laptop or WiFi accessible connection and you can Chromecast the movie to your television.

Website/Contact Information: www.DisneyMoviesAnywhere.com.

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  • Price 10
  • Educational 9.5
  • Replay Potential 10
  • Parent Approved 10
  • Kid Approved 10
  • iTunes 10
  • Android Marketplace 10
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