Damonte Ranch Park

Damonte Ranch Park, Photo Credit: Will Hull


Dark Orange Pinwheel damonte ranch parkDamonte Ranch Park is one of the newer parks in the Truckee Meadows area located off Damonte Ranch Parkway/Steamboat Parkway in South Reno, Nevada.

First, I must say that Damonte Ranch Park in Reno, is awesome!

That being said and out of the way, I can now discuss the features of the park. This park’s main feature is a three-story structure with four slides (two of them enclosed). There is also a zip-line-like sliding feature for kids to zip back and forth from station to station. A climbing net, climbing bars, musical note tonal pipes and a rope-like platform crossing feature for kids to climb across from platform to platform. A rock wall, plenty of stairs, a lookout roost and what resembles a rocket ship bridge at the very top of the structure. That’s just covering the larger structure.

The smaller structure, designed for toddler-aged children, boasts four slides a matching puzzle game and more climbing bars.

Damonte Ranch Park also has more for the avid park-goer. There are two regular swings and two swings for children who can’t hold on or pump their legs very well yet, swings designed for toddler use. A frog statue that my son loves and a 4-way teeter-totter.

Want more? There are plenty of paths around the park to run, ride a bike, or ride anything like a skateboard or roller skates on as well as two basketball hoops for the budding basketball star in the family.

If you’re looking for shade, this park doesn’t have much in the way of shade unless you hang out under the slides of the larger structure when it is warm outside. Also, there is a gazebo near the parking area that many-a-birthday party sightings have occurred. You can learn more about reserving this shelter from the City of Reno by visiting the Reno.gov website.

There is also a great deal of open space covered in grass and hills for the kids to climb and wear themselves out on. We know that wearing out our kids is just the bonus that comes with visiting a place like this.

During the Spring or Fall seasons you might catch a local soccer team out practicing with soccer nets (my son had practice there for a season)

Beyond many of these features listed above, I find myself driving my kids over there or riding my bike from the Cyan neighborhood nearby to this park. Even though there are a lot of children who frequent Damonte Ranch Park, it never feels too crowded. You’re bound to find enough space for you and your kids to have a great time. My kids are often spending time at the top of the play structure, sliding down slides, on the swings or out in the fields playing with our dogs by throwing a ball for them to fetch. They just love this place when we visit this park. We really enjoy ourselves here.

Overall, this park has everything to entertain from the level of a toddler to a seasoned veteran of climbing and playing. My kids had a lot of fun here.

The only thing I would recommend as a word of caution is making sure your kids understand that the log looking feature on the larger structure is not a slide and not easy to climb. My oldest fell off of it, thinking it was a slide, within five minutes of arriving at the park on her first visit (she was 3.5 years-old at the time). She didn’t hurt herself too bad, but this is definitely one feature of the park to avoid, if you can, if you have young children because it is uneven and often slippery for young children to climb on.

You’ll definitely have a good time here and I highly recommend a visit.

Want more reviews of this park, visit Yelp.com and find out what others have said about this fantastic park.


  • Exercise Space
  • Fun for All Ages
  • Open Space
  • Outdoor Shade
  • Possible Hazard
  • Slides
  • Swings
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