Encourage a love for reading with these 30 free printable reading bookmarks

2013 Copyright Will Hull, Windy Pinwheel

Download our 30 free printable reading marks to mix and match (front and back) for your child.

Grapefruit Pinwheel printable reading bookmarksPart of my job as an educator is to teach literacy skills and because of my strong belief that literacy is the foundation for nearly everything we do in life (the ability to speak, listen, read, and write are all essential in daily life), I do my best to instill a love for literacy in our household. We read to our kids every night. We have more s than (well maybe not, but perhaps nearly equal). I can’t stop myself from buying them new s. We also try to have conversations with the entire family around the dinner table every night. While it’s not like a sitcom in our house every night, we do our best.

We began reading chapter s to our five year-old daughter about a year ago and she recently discovered how fun they can be (and frankly, they are fun for us as parents too). A couple of years ago, I made Dr. Seuss themed marks for a friend’s Kindergarten class (she’s a teacher as well) and then shared them with our daughter’s preschool class last March. I hosted them for you to download my other site, Hullabaloo Stories.

Last week, a very excited Kindergartner (our five year-old) asked if I could make some new printable reading bookmarks for her new chapter books. I guess she needs a little variety… or maybe she will be like me and have several books going at the same time. Just for her, I decided it would be fun to find cool quotes about reading and make them with her favorite polka dots.

We wanted to share these printable reading bookmarks with you too… our readers, because we hope you too want to help encourage a love for reading in your household and children’s classroom.

My husband also decided to join in the fun and create some bookmarks to add to the collection. He found some fantastic quotes from some notable children’s books. We hope you like all that these free printable reading bookmarks as a set has to offer.

Tip: The printable reading bookmarks should be printed and paired, front and back, to form a two-sided bookmark and, if possible, we recommend you laminate the bookmarks to help them to hold up against the wear and tear a kid can subject them to. We use the Xyron Cold Seal Laminatorprintable reading bookmarks. Enjoy…

30 Free Printable Reading Bookmarks, 2013 Copyright Will Hull, Windy Pinwheel printable reading bookmarks
2013 Copyright
Will Hull,
Windy Pinwheel

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