Design Idea: Adding a baseball wall to a boy’s room

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Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjacks. I don’t care if I ever get back…

Blue PinwheelMy wife, Christine, and I recently purchased a new home and moved in last November in South Reno. It is our first home purchase in our lives. As is typical with new homeowners, my wife and I were excited to put some color on our walls in our new home. We have waited a long time to have a place to call our own. We’re both in our 30s now and that’s not such a bad thing, but we have had some time to think about what we want to do to style and decorate our home all while we were renting. With a depressed market in Reno, , it was the perfect opportunity for my wife and I to get into a new home at rock-bottom prices and interest rates. We were able to buy our home with what seems like pennies on the dollar compared to what we witnessed when we were living in the Washington, DC metro area.

Our son is currently two years-old, so he doesn’t really have a choice in the décor in his bedroom just yet. Being a fan of the sport of baseball, I chose, and my wife went along with it, a baseball theme for my son’s room. She was able to pick out the “Princess Ballerina” room décor for our four year-old daughter, so we were able to come to common ground with each other on design aesthetics. We found this great lamp shade at Pottery Barn kids and paired it with a lamp from Ikea, ordered a custom piggy bank with a baseball theme, found a great canvas print of Fenway Park at Target while we were living on the East Coast, and have picked up miscellaneous baseball-related items along the way.

That being said, my wife and I have been busy pinning things on Pinterest. We found this really great idea that someone pinned, a baseball wall for a boy’s room, and I wanted to try the to do that myself. In fact, the instructions appeared relatively easy to follow.

How I made the baseball wall for my son’s room

  1. I started by painting a vintage looking white that is actually named, “Antique White” on the wall.
  2. Next, I used my yardstick/level to trace out a half circle on the top left and the bottom right of the wall in pencil.
  3.  I also perform the same technique in pencil to trace out the stitching of the baseball.
  4. Once that was complete, I used the “Moose Mousse” color to paint the semicircle line.
  5. Finally, I used “Boston Red Sox Red” to paint the red stitching.

All in all, it turned out really well. I eyeballed the stitching, so that’s why there is some bunching up in the lower portion of the left-hand side of the baseball wall. My son was so happy and surprised when he came home from daycare that now he refers to his room as the “baseball room”. I think I really made his day.

What you think? Does the baseball wall really tie the room together? My son seems to think so, and that’s all that matters when it’s all said and done.

Paint Colors

We used the Valspar Signature Gallon Interior Semi-Gloss Tintable Paint and Primer in One that can be found at Lowe’s.  It made it really easy to refer to the colors using the My Lowe’s card.  The program is great to track all of our paint colors because, as we all know, with kids, there is always a reason for paint touch-ups.  I don’t like to always keep cards in my wallet, so I use the Key Ring iPhone/iPad app on my phone to keep track of them all and the retail business will just scan the barcode that is displayed on my phone upon checking out.

Valspar Colors: Antique White, Boston Red Sox Red, and Moose Mousse

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