The best places to see Christmas light displays in Reno, Nevada


Put a smile on a child’s face by driving to a local neighborhood to view the best places to see Christmas light displays in Reno, .

Update: This article was updated on December 18, 2018 to add new places we’ve found since last year and to remove some that are no longer with us.  Take a look below and you might find something new for your viewing of Christmas light displays in Reno, .  – Enjoy.


Reno Christmas Light Displays: Hidden Valley Parade of Lights (3), Source: best places to see christmas light displays in reno

Purple Pinwheel best places to see christmas light displays in renoHoliday magic brings with it the opportunity to view neighborhood Christmas light displays with your children. Reno, is no different in offering many places where you can take your children to view Christmas lights. The twinkling of the reds and the blues, the yellows and the greens, the pinks and the purples, the snowmen, the stars, the snowflakes, and nativity scenes, all bring excitement and wonder to children peering through frosty and often fogged-up car windows.

Two locations in the Reno/ Sparks, area come to mind when thinking about taking our kids out to look at Christmas lights. Hidden Valley and the Lights of Tanea.

Reno Christmas Light Displays: Hidden Valley Parade of Lights, Source: best places to see christmas light displays in reno

When I was a kid and through high school, I would make the annual trip out to Hidden Valley off of East McCarran Boulevard, past Rosewood Lakes Golf Course, to view the Hidden Valley Parade of Lights throughout the entire Hidden Valley neighborhood. In fact, when moving back to Reno, this memory came to mind as something that I could share with my kids and it put a smile on my face just knowing I could share a piece of my childhood with them. When we came home for Christmas last year, we took a trip out to Hidden Valley and shared with our kids many of the houses that put up Christmas light displays. However, during that visit last year, it seems as though many of the lights had disappeared from the front lawns and yards in that neighborhood. Even though there were many houses with lights, there were not as many as there once were when I was younger. In fact, the local fire department would park their truck at the entrance and hand out candy canes. No such luck last year. I can only hope that it once again becomes as big and beautiful as it once was for the sake of people like me who want to share this memory with their children. It’s a Reno tradition; at least by my standards.


Hidden Valley, Pembroke Drive, Reno,

The Lights of Tanea, located in south Reno at 16180 Tanea Drive, Reno, 89511, is a light show that is synchronized to music, if you tune in on your radio to 97.7 FM. This Christmas light show boasts that it is “[t]he Biggest Little Light Show in Reno started in 2006” and “[t]he show has always added to its size… and brings new technology” to the show year after year.

Lights of Tanea, Reno,

Update for 2018

As we reported in 2017, it is with sadness that we report that we have found that the Lights of Tanea are no longer appearing in Reno and not anytime in the foreseeable future. As of December 18, 2018, it looks like they are not coming back again this year. Although, in the past it was a great show, the owner of that property is focusing on his business and cannot devote the time it takes to maintain that show any longer.

Thanks for the great memories!

Lights of Tanea on YouTube

In the spirit of giving, The Lights of Tanea helps spread awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and helps the community by accepting donations from the public on their website and in person in addition to providing a unique entertainment experience.

Reno Christmas Light Displays: Lights of Tanea, Source: Sara Howard on Facebook, best places to see christmas light displays in reno
Source: Sara Howard on Face,

The following charities benefit from public donations through the Lights of Tanea:

A newcomer to the Reno holiday lights scene is the Cyan neighborhood in South Reno, Nevada

Nestled behind Depaoli Middle School to the east off of Echo Valley Parkway is the Cyan neighborhood, where we, at Windy Pinwheel are located. This neighborhood for the past several years has held a holiday lights contest and it sure doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a new spot in Reno, come check out the Cyan neighborhood off of South Meadows Parkway and Echo Valley for some more delighful Christmas light displays in Reno, .

Lights of Cyan, Reno,

3rd Annual Circle of Lights Celebration at Damonte Ranch Park

On December 15, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00PM at Damonte Ranch Park walk the walkway around the park and view lights in the backyards of those who live around the park. Enjoy decorated fences, backyards and houses during this annual event.

Learn more about this event on Nextdoor.

Circle of Lights Celebration at Damonte Ranch Park

Nightmare Before Christmas Display in Double Diamond

In the Double Diamond neighborhood there was a Nightmare Before Christmas display that really knocked our socks off.  There is a projector displaying Christmas movies on the garage and a very detailed and intricate display of all of your favorite scenes and characters from the Tim Burton classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas that you just can’t miss located at 10440 Canyon Country Court in Reno, Nevada.

Nightmare Before Christmas display in Double Diamond

A Bright Light in the Damonte Ranch Neighborhood

In the Damonte Ranch neighborhood there is a great house that spared no expense and quite honestly reminds me of the way Lights of Tanea lit up the street.  This is one house that you just can’t miss located at 10878 Pebble Hill in Reno, Nevada.

Flying Reindeer in the Damonte Ranch Neighborhood

Vidette Lights

Located at 5146 Vidette Meadows Drive in Sparks Nevada Vidette Lights is a Christmas light display that is a 4 minute show that runs every 30 minutes beginning at 5:00 pm and ending at 9:30 pm. This first year features an introduction by the Griswold Family followed by Carol of the Bells (Dubstep) by Capital Kings which are played on 100.5 FM. This year the show will run from December 13th to December 31.

Vidette Lights, Sparks, Nevada

Vidette Lights, Sparks, Nevada

Annual Carson Valley Parade of Lights

December 1, 2018 at 5:00PM on Highway 395 from Eddy Street to Minden Park

Learn more about the annual Carson Valley Parade of Lights on their website.

Annual Carson Valley Parade of Lights

2016 Carson Valley Parade of Lights

Carson Valley Parade of Lights via Lake Tahoe TV

Lights of Omni

Lights of Omni boasts 8 Christmas song synchronized to the illumination of 60,000 LED lights.  Listen while in your car via the radio at FM 89.9.  Located at 290 Omni Drive in Sparks, Nevada.

Lights of Omni, Sparks, Nevada

Light Show Bro

Located at 5555 Junction Peak Drive, in Sparks, off of Sparks Blvd. & Ion Drive is Light Show Bro is a Christmas light display of thousands of lights, perfectly synchronized to a 13 minute custom music mix with an intermission between each show with roughly 16 minutes of random music and simple lighting.

Update for 2018

This year, we found that the Light Show Bro website is no longer active and we found the majority of their videos on YouTube were removed.  We did find, however, that their 2015 Christmas lights show is still active on Vimeo and we decided to keep it here on Windy Pinwheel to celebrate all of the great times watching their spectacular show.


Light Show Bro, Sparks, Nevada

Light Show Bro 2015 Show, Sparks, Nevada

Here is more coverage about where to best view Christmas lights in Reno, Nevada:

These are only a few of the locations we want to share with our children this year. What are some other locations that are great for viewing Christmas lights in the Reno/Sparks, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Fernley, Fallon, Nevada area? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe, by this time next year we can be a resource for all things Northern Nevada when it comes to finding out about where to see the best Christmas light shows in the area. We need your help to cover this vast area. Where are the best Christmas light displays near you?

Finally, do you have lights up at your house? Please stop by our Facebook Fan Page and share a picture of with us. Nothing gets us in the mood more than seeing Christmas light displays and the spirit of us joining in a community of togetherness. Isn’t that what the season is all about?

Happy Holidays


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