Keep the Fremont Cannon Blue: Go Nevada Wolf Pack!

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Nevada Wolf Pack

A healthy sports rivalry to win annual bragging rights for the largest rivalry trophy in all of college sports between the and UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.

Keep the Fremont Cannon Blue - Go Nevada Wolf Pack: Bragging Rights: Nevada vs. UNLV, Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Nevada Wolf Pack
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Blue Pinwheel Nevada Wolf PackIf you aren’t already, become a part of a great rivalry in college sports by backing the . Come out to watch the University of University of () vs. University of , Las Vegas Runnin’ Rebels (UNLV, also known in some circles as “ Southern”) battle it out as a part of the Nevada Governor’s Series this Saturday, October 26, 2013 at Mackay Stadium on the University of , Reno campus.

If you have navigated the pages of Windy Pinwheel, you probably know by now that we are Proud and Battle Born for the . Please notice that we are the correct spelled with two words and not the North Carolina State Wolfpack; besides their colors are backwards. Who puts the color red/scarlet on a wolf mascot? It is just plain wrong.

Keep the Fremont Cannon Blue - Go Nevada Wolf Pack: Fremont Cannon, Source: MWC Board Nevada Wolf Pack
Source: MWC Board

This Saturday is the annual battle for the Fremont Cannon, college football’s largest and most expensive “trophy”. “Today’s cannon is a replica of a gun that accompanied Captain John C. Fremont on his expedition through Oregon, and California in 1843-44… reconstructed in 1970 as the gift of the Mines Division of Kennecott Copper Corporation to the students of the two campuses of the University of Nevada.” Each year the Nevada and the UNLV Rebels “battle” it out on one of the two turf fields that exist in Nevada to play college football. According to, “The [Nevada] won the first game between the universities in 1969, but the Rebels were the first team to capture the cannon in 1970 by a score of 42-20.” Ever since, the Nevada Wolf Pack have fought to keep the cannon blue. “Overall, UNR Nevada Wolf Pack leads UNLV Runnin’ Rebels 22-15.” writes Las Vegas Weekly on October 10, 2012 and Nevada won in 2012, making the total 23-15.

Respecting the Fremont Cannon

One bit of history you may not know, if you are not familiar with the Fremont Cannon, is that in 2000, when UNLV won the game, students stormed the field after UNLV won back the Fremont Cannon after several years and in the excitement, the cannon fell out of the hands of the students and broke into pieces shortly after it was spray painted red (Source: Las Vegas Weekly). This was the period in which I was enrolled at the University of Nevada, from 1999 through 2003. I was terribly disappointed in what had happened and hope that it doesn’t happen ever again.

Keep the Fremont Cannon Blue - Go Nevada Wolf Pack: Wolf Pack - Battle Born, Source: Nevada Wolf Pack

We have a cannon to defend. We must keep it blue and in the hands of the Nevada Wolf Pack. I am not suggesting that we are more responsible with this majestic and iconic symbol of what it means to be a Nevada college student. However, what I am suggesting is that we need to defend the Fremont Cannon with all of the heart and passion we can muster each and every year and devoted fans of the Wolf Pack.

It’s truly an honor for the Wolf Pack to play for such a great college sports trophy. It is an enduring symbol of what it means to go to and be an alumnus of Nevada.

Go Pack!

Keep the Fremont Cannon Blue - Go Nevada Wolf Pack: Governor's Series, Source: University of Nevada, Reno Nevada Wolf Pack
Source: University of Nevada, Reno

Here’s a great video to get you pumped up about the game this weekend showcasing the The Governor’s Series from YouTube. Enjoy.

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