5 tips to grow your child’s interest in arts and crafts

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Develop a life-long passion in your children for art

Developing your child’s love for arts and and appreciation for all things art and the creative outlet it provides is something that a parent must nurture in their child. Here are 5 tips on ways to help make that happen.


Arts and are nice ways to help kids develop passion in creative things and also gain the facility to admire the finer details of life. From drawing and painting, or any other form of art project that involves applying creativity, in conjunction with out-of-the-box thinking can lend a hand to broaden a child’s mental stimulation along with making the child a more well rounded person. If you want your children to develop a complete and healthy personality, then it is of the utmost importance to increase their passion in arts and at an early age and listed below are 5 tips to assist you in bringing your children closer to the world of arts and .

1. Show your children that art can be fun

Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids, Source: Steele Stationers arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids,
Source: Steele Stationers

Children are more likely to have an interest in art if you’re making it look and sound fun. Instead of sending kids off to their room with a coloring and some arts and crafts supplies like crayons, markers or pens, you can try to turn it right into a game or a fun activity. Make an effort to join your children in their art experiments and turn it into a group activity. During this activity, you can also bond with your children and give them some memories to cherish once they grow up. Also, another very powerful thing is never to pressure art upon your children or it’ll take away the entire fun and learning that comes from it. So be encouraging without being too pushy.

2. Target their interests

Taking tip #1 a little bit further, a good way of encouraging your kids into taking on art projects is through focusing on their passion and interests. For instance, if your kids are keen on watching superhero cartoons on TV, then you can begin their adventure into the world of art by way of beginning with a superhero mission. If the art work is based on something that your youngsters like or adore, then there are extra chances that they will enjoy it to a much higher degree. So, it is necessary that you base the creative endeavor on something your children are already interested in.

3. Invest in some quality arts and crafts supplies

Small children are naturally attracted towards new, glossy and colorful items. While arts and crafts supplies are naturally colorful, you can select the more interesting ones with pictures of cartoon characters or superheroes on the cover and go for construction paper and stationery in attractive shapes and colors. As such, art supplies are certain to be much more attractive to kids and they will be more willing to use these items. Also, never underestimate the importance of good quality when it comes to choosing arts and crafts supplies because a durable higher quality will always boost the performance of your budding artists.

4. Take your children along with you to buy arts and crafts supplies

Visiting a craft store with your children will help to expose your kids to all kinds of art supplies like crayons, paint brushes, poster paints, acrylic paints, glass and fabric paints, glitters, different types of paper, craft tools, things they can build and paint as well as draw on and much more. Let your kids choose the arts and crafts supplies that they prefer and this way they are going to always be interested in the art they will be creating in the very near future.

5. Decorate your home with the art you and your children have created

Children's artwork hanging on display in the home, 2016 Copyright Will Hull, Windy Pinwheel arts and crafts

2016 Copyright Will Hull, Windy Pinwheel

This is a guaranteed means to get kids “glued” to arts and crafts. Displaying the works of art that your kids have created on the mantle, the showcase, on the refrigerator or on the living room table is most likely the easiest way to encourage them. When your kids see their paintings decorating the home, they are going to no longer just feel happy but may even notice that what they have created is beautiful and has value.

With all of the technology of our iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Samsung Galaxy and other iOS and Android devices in our faces everyday, it is a worthwhile activity to turn them off for a little while and let our imaginations run free. I am sure you agree. As parents, and I know I am certainly guilty of it, I let my kids uses these devices much more than I should and this is a great opportunity to break away from these technological babysitters and focus on some quality time with our kids.

What about you? Do you agree that this is a great opportunity to bond with your own children? What kind of art projects have you done with your kids that have proven successful and a great memory in looking back on the activity? Leave us a comment below and let us know.


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