Guest post: 11 creative ways to have fun with RC vehicles (infographic)

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Check out some great ideas for some fun RC activities for the whole family with 11 creative ways to have fun with RC vehicles (infographic)

Blue Pinwheel fun rc activites for the whole familyToday’s guest post article about remote controlled (RC) vehicles comes from Sean Farrell, Promotions Associate at Ghergich & Co. on behalf of Horizon Hobby who shares some great information about fun rc activities for the whole family.

As a kid, I always loved playing with RC cars. I never had an RC plane or helicopter and these days there are drones as toys and hobbyists to purchase. I used to always day dream that I was the driver of that Lamborghini or Ferrari or I would hit jumps with them. Today, even in our own City of Reno, NV, there is an RC track at Mira Loma park and others in the area for RC enthusiasts. There is a entire world to explore with this hobby. The best part is, you can include your kids in this hobby, too.

RC Track at Mira Loma Park in Reno,

Thanks for the great write up and infographic, Sean.

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11 creative ways to have fun with RC vehicles

Racing your remote controlled (RC) vehicle around your driveway or an empty parking lot is a lot of fun on its own, but you can ramp up the fun with a few additional activities the entire family can enjoy. For example, pack the family and your RC car into a human-sized vehicle and head to a skatepark. There you can launch your vehicle off ramps, take advantage of the smooth pavement and practice drifting, and take advantage of immobile, fun obstacles for your vehicle. On the opposite end of the spectrum, visit a hiking trail or beach to conquer challenging terrain and organic obstacles out in nature. While out on the trail, you can give mudding a shot: Off-road waterproof RC vehicles can handle puddles, mud, or streams much like their larger brethren (and are easier to clean off after a good roll through the mud).

Of course, getting involved in the RC racing scene is a time-honored way to get out, have fun with your hobby, and meet like-minded people. Attend an event to learn more about RC vehicles, race, cheer for other vehicles, and even watch RC planes take to the air.

Interested in a different kind of RC activity? Set up RC vehicle bowling, a soccer tournament, or create your own obstacle course. For a quieter, more meditative experience, you can sit down with a clear plastic shell and give your RC vehicle a custom paint job. Your design can be as simple or exciting as you choose, and with some polycarbonate paint, your RC vehicle becomes an extension of your creativity.

There’s more to RC vehicles than meets the eye, and these activities are fun options the entire family can enjoy together. To learn more about fun RC vehicle activities you can do with your family, check out this infographic below.

Fun RC activities for the whole family (infographic) fun rc activites for the whole family
Source: Horizon Hobby


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