Guest Post: 4 pool safety measures to protect your child from drowning in the off-season

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Pool safety is no joke

Today’s guest post comes to us from Sean Morris at He writes about pool safety in the off-season. Even though we are in Northern , some of us might have pools in our backyards. Pool safety with young children is no joke. It can only take seconds for a toddler or young child to drown. Please take these precautions when wrapping up your Summer fun zone in the backyard. Thank you for your fantastic article, Sean. We really appreciate the contribution.

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4 ways to protect your child from drowning in the off-season

Grapefruit Pinwheel pool safetyDid you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) names drowning as the top cause of unintentional deaths for children ages 1-4 years? An astounding 58% of these occur in in-ground pools.

But never fear: here are four ways to ensure pool safety to protect your little one from drowning during the off-season.

1. Invest in a pool fence.

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A pool fence can be the ultimate safeguard for your home when it comes to pool safety. All kids have the tendency to wander off to forbidden areas, and this can include your backyard and pool area. In fact, more than 75 percent of children who drown are seen five minutes or less before they are discovered in the pool. Reduce the risk dramatically by blocking off the water, and ensure the gate to enter has a self-latching, child-safety lock on it to deter even the craftiest of children.

2. Ensure that pool drain and filter covers are secure and out of reach.

From 2005 to 2007, 24 cases (and two deaths) were reported of a child becoming trapped in a pool or spa drain. Kids have been known to play with an open drain only to have hair, a hand or a foot get caught in the suction, leaving them unable to escape. Public pools are required by law to adhere to specific child-safe drain covers; these kinds of covers might be a valuable option for your own home as a pool safety measure!

3. Keep that rescue equipment right where it is.

If you have a pool and a young child, you certainly have a life preserver and shepherd’s hook by the pool. Keep them there! Even if your pool is covered for the season, even if your gate is locked and secured, always keep your pool safety tools handy.

4. Consider an extra, louder layer of protection.

Consider adding an alarm to your pool area, especially if your child is particularly precocious and ambitious, add an alarm to your pool gate. This could save precious seconds if a toddler figures out the child-safety locks. Remember, it takes only seconds for a child to drown.

“Off-season” doesn’t mean “out of danger.” When it comes to pool safety, even the most conscientious parents can have close calls. Remember these tips and keep your child safe from drowning no matter the season!


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