Guest Post: Go fishing in Nevada with your family this weekend in Northern Nevada

Pyramid Lake, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing

Fishing in Nevada… Build a lifetime of memories any day of the year.

Today’s guest post comes to us from Lisa Johnson of Fall For Fishing, and she writes about fishing in . More specifically, fishing in Northern . She discusses a couple locations, like Pyramid Lake, Wild Horse Reservoir and Knott Creek Reservoir and also covers some of the rules and regulations you need to follow while fishing in the State of . has some of the most scenic locations in the western United States when it comes to lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water.

Also, as a former employee of the American Sportfishing Association where I worked on the website (which I highly recommend you visit), this guest post hits close to home. I have always loved fishing in since I was a young child at Frenchman Lake to the north of Reno. The thrill of a flutter of taps at the end of your fishing pole and I was hooked as a lover of all things fishing. You’ll often find, anyone who has fished in their lifetime, that a lot of great memories spring from their memories fishing with family. This next Saturday, June 10, 2017 is ’s Free Fishing Day (described below). Get out to the Sparks Marina or venture to another fishing spot somewhere near you and you don’t have to pay for a license or any stamps. It is a once/year opportunity to take your kids fishing on the cheap. We hope you can out and experience fishing. Well, here I am, rambling on. I hope you enjoy Lisa’s article. I sure did.

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Go fishing in Nevada with your family this weekend in Northern Nevada

Blue Pinwheel fishing in nevadaFishing in has never been more enjoyable, especially with the winter we just had and the runoff from the snow melt filling up our waterways. If you feel like having a nice weekend with family, Northern is one place to look, especially for a fishing trip. The exotic waters and the species they contain is one memorable adventure to look forward to after another when fishing in .

Nevada personifies the idea of lake diversity. Did you know that due to its proximity to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and deserts below, it gives anglers a wide variety of choices to fish? The scattered alpine lakes offer an amazing view of the large pines, untouched waters, and enthusiastic trout.

Even with access to the lakes being difficult and some are easy to get to, the vast area is perfect for exploration for you and your family especially at or around Lake Tahoe to the west when it comes to fishing in Nevada. Take a Summer weekend with your family to come fishing or even learn how to fish as this is the perfect time for fishing in Nevada.

Once you come to Northern Nevada, you will have a tour guide who will welcome all your questions. You should know that there are various parts of Northern Nevada where you can go fishing. Just don’t forget to carry your rod and reel and also remain open minded to the opportunity of day fishing or even fishing at night.

Spring Fishing For Catfish and Striped Bass at Lake Mead, Nevada

Some Of The Best Lakes For Fishing In Northern Nevada

Despite Nevada being one of the the driest regions in the United States, it holds numerous lakes suitable for fishing. Some of them are:

  1. Pyramid Lake: Pyramid Lake prides itself in holding the world record for the largest trout caught at 41-pounds. You can also enjoy catching cutthroat trout weighing over twenty pounds using a fly rod from a ladder. You should keep in mind that you can use midges and foam beetles to catch monster trout.
    Fishing in Nevada: Pyramid Lake, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing fishing in nevada
    Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing

    While there, you won’t have to worry about where to get a ladder as well as shooting heads, there are retail outlets that cater to your needs nearby like Cabela’s in I-80 near Verdi, Scheels in Sparks, Dick’s Sporthing Goods at Meadowood Mall and Orvis at The Summit outdoor mall in South Reno.

  1. Wild Horse Reservoir: Wild Horse Reservoir found in the north of Elko is quite an unique site when it comes to fishing in Nevada. It holds various species of fish including the rainbow trout, the yellow perch, smallmouth bass and many others.Load up your car and drive your family to enjoy fishing here in northeast Nevada.
    Fishing in Nevada: Wild Horse Reservoir, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing fishing in nevada
    Wild Horse Reservoir, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing
  1. Knott Creek Reservoir: Have you ever wanted to go to a place to try “catch and release” fishing in Nevada? Then, this is the place to go. You need to add this location as one of your go-to sites in Nevada. The site is in the Pine Mountains in the county of Humboldt.You won’t forget the memories that come with the experience there.
    Fishing in Nevada: Knott Creek Reservoir, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing fishing in nevada
    Knott Creek Reservoir, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing

However, before embarking to go fishing in Nevada, you should know about the various requirements and regulations to be allowed to fish in the lakes and streams of Northern Nevada. Different regions have different needs, such as what fishing tackle and other gear to bring, but the general rules are:

License Requirements for Fishing

Everyone 12 years-old and older is required to hold a fishing permit. A fishing license is required for anglers, whereas the number of fish taken by nonresidents’ anglers of 12 years-old and below isn’t supposed to exceed 50% of the limit provided by the law.

You should also know that this permit requirements also applies to anyone who fishes using spear, bow or even an arrow fishing methods when fishing in Nevada.

  1. Trout stamp: The trout stamp requires that if you catch or possess a trout, you must carry it on your own. The only exception is if you or any of your family is under 12, and is fishing under the law of “Take Me Fishing,” a valid short term permit for fishing or even during a consecutive day, they are not required to get the trout stamp.Also annually, every Spring, there is a free fishing day. On this day you can fish without the trout stamp. This year, it is on June 10, 2017. If you live in Reno, Nevada, there is a fishing activity at the Sparks Marina from 7:00AM – 11:00AM PDT, where Scheels staff and other fishing experts will provide fishing poles and tackle for children to fish or learn how to fish during this year’s free fishing day. Learn more about this and other free and/or cheap activities to do with your kids in Reno, Nevada during Summer 2017, here at Windy Pinwheel.

    Here is a promo about Free Fishing Day from a little while back

Free Fishing Day

  1. Second Rod Stamp: With this kind of requirement, you are allowed to fish in Nevada with a second combination of hook, rod, and line as long as you have the second-rod stamp. Regardless of age, you must first obtain a fishing license which is valid or even have a short-term permit.You should also know that you are not allowed at any time to have more than two combinations of a hook, rod and reel, and line.
  2. Limits: The limits requirement involves the maximum number of fish you are supposed to take by law and can also be reduced. If you like catching a lot of fish, here you have to learn to restrain yourself on what you take home. The good part is that any fish you catch and release back to the waters doesn’t count toward the limit requirement.Another interesting thing to know is that the daily possession limit isn’t defined in Northern Nevada for the entire state of Nevada. For anglers like me, you cannot have in possession more than one limit. The state of Nevada is divided into regions and each region has its own limits for fishing in Nevada, not only on weight and size, but the number of each species you can take home with you. So please make sure you are aware of the limits where you fish.
  3. Seasons and hours: The exact weekend that you plan to go fishing with your family has never been easier. Fishing in Nevada is open all year round with no limit to fishing times and dates. Therefore you can just wake up one weekend and head out to the next perfect fishing site at night or even during the day depending on your preference.
  4. Filleting fish: You can fillet your fish before transporting it. What you should be careful about is that it is unlawful to waste any part of edible game fish despite the reason causing the waste.
  5. Methods of fishing: The fishing methods law is inclusive for you and your family depending on your preferences. It allows for spear fishing anywhere except in Lake Topaz and Lake Tahoe. Also, you should remember that unless you have the second-rod stamp, you are allowed to fish with only one combination of hook, line, and rod.You are allowed to use baits but not using the protected and game fish as bait. Chumming is also prohibited in Lake Tahoe and Topaz Lake, Spooner Lake as well as the whole Ruby Lake National area. Also, while you are ice fishing, you are allowed to cut no more than 10 inches of diameter of ice.
  6. Review all Nevada fishing regulations before you fish: Annually The Nevada Department of Wildlife holds a “Free Fishing Day” on the second Saturday in June. During free fishing day, you can fish in any public water within the state with no need to buy a fishing license or trout stamp. All catch limits and applicable laws apply, so please make sure you know them before heading out to where the map turns blue.Here is a list of regulations on if you want to learn more.
Fishing in Northern Nevada, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing fishing in nevada
Fishing in Northern Nevada, Source: Lisa Johnson, Fall For Fishing


Despite Nevada being the driest and one of the most arid parts of the United States, it’s diversity of lakes, rivers, streams, and other bodies of water have proven to be a great place to fish hence why I am promoting fishing in Nevada. If you are a nature-loving, outdoorsman, or sportman kind of person, you can go to the Pine Mountains and enjoy the view there as you practice how to fish, for newbies.

At night and during the day, you and your family can fish without any restriction and even try the catch and release sort of fishing which is fun too. You can even try spear or arrow fishing in Nevada for the first time, to break the monotony of using rod, hook, and line.

You can get out there and just pack for the weekend because everything is so close and head out to fish in Northern Nevada and share fishing with your family as one of the unforgettable adventures you wouldn’t want to miss. So, what are you waiting for, get out there and make memories with your family, today!

What are some of your earliest memories fishing? Were they set while fishing in Nevada? Care to share? We hope you love fishing in Nevada as much as we do, here at Windy Pinwheel and Fall For Fishing. Happy fishing and here’s to “tight lines!”


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