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Remodeling a kids bathroom can be fun. Consider these kids bathroom remodeling ideas to explore these playful themes and styles to design a space just for your children.

Yellow Pinwheel kids bathroom remodeling ideasToday’s guest post article comes from Erica Garland of Modern Bathroom who shares some great kids bathroom remodeling ideas from a nautical or sports theme to animals and favorite colors, Erica has you covered in your exploration of the next project in your home for your children.

We may remodel our kids’ bathroom very soon as well.

Thanks for the great article, Erica.

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Kids bathroom remodeling ideas

Remodeling a kids bathroom can be fun because of all the playful themes and styles you get to explore. Want to go nautical? Make the room “pretty in pink”? You have a lot of freedom to enjoy yourself when you’re designing a space for children! That said, it’s important to create a functional space where little ones feel comfortable brushing their teeth, potty training, taking baths and managing day-to-day grooming. With that in mind, here are some ideas and tips for creating a bathroom your kids will love.

Kid-friendly decorating schemes

Deciding which direction to go in the bathroom depends on your goals. Do you want the bathroom to coordinate with nearby rooms? Are you hoping to delight your kids with a theme they find endearing? To inspire you, here are some fun kid themes to consider:

  1. Geography:
Alpine Outhouse, Source: Pixabay kids bathroom remodeling ideas
Source: ArtTower from Pixabay

You know what they say, “Education is caught, not taught.” So, why not make the bathroom a bonus opportunity for learning and ignite a love of geography in your kids? A maps theme creates a great decorating vibe and is easy to incorporate in the bath. Hang map wallpaper or art, put a compass on the wall and feature a few favorite knickknacks from around the country or world. You could even look for a map-themed shower curtain!

  1. Whales or nautical elements:

Enhance a neutral bathroom with water-themed decor that features whales, sharks, ships or other nautical imagery. Not only do kids enjoy animal and water themes, but so do adults, which means this design has staying power.

Whale themed bathroom for kids, Source: So Much Better with Age kids bathroom remodeling ideas
Source: So Much Better with Age
  1. Animals:

From forest friends to farm animals, there are many possibilities for working furry creatures into your bathroom design. Kids love animals, so it’s a natural fit, but the look can also be cute and trendy with the right stylistic picks. Shop around for trendy animal pieces and make the bathroom a delight.

  1. Sports and activities:

Whether it’s soccer, basketball, ballet or all of the above, a sports/activity theme is a surefire way to make a room scream “kids.” Find a few statement pieces, such as artwork or a shower curtain, and build the rest of the room around them.

Toy shopping cart filled with toilet paper rolls, Source: Pixabay kids bathroom remodeling ideas
Source: Pixabay
  1. Favorite colors:
Rubber duck in a shower, Source: HGTV kids bathroom remodeling ideas
Source: HGTV

Does your child love red or another particular color? If multiple kids will be sharing the bath, could you combine favorite colors to create a complementary color scheme or rainbow look? This is a great way to create a cohesive, personal look in a kids bathroom.

Black and White Kids Bathroom, Source: Chrissy Marie Blog kids bathroom remodeling ideas
Source: Chrissy Marie Blog
  1. Basic black and white:

While sticking to the basics may not be terribly child-specific, it does offer a neutral palette for swapping accessories in and out as time passes. Right now, you might add a basket of children’s s and a framed print of something special to your family; later, you could easily upgrade as interests change.

A Few Extra Tips to Remember for Shared Baths

In cases where siblings will be sharing a bath, it’s extra important to design for usability. Here are a few ideas that can maximize efficiency for everyone:

  • A double vanity: Extra counter space and sinks go a long way toward speeding up daily routines at home.
  • Color-specific or personalized towels: If you give each kid a specific color or style of towels (i.e., blue for Bobby, red for Lily), you’ll never have to wonder whose is missing or who left one lying on the floor.
  • Kid-friendly conveniences: Especially when siblings are far apart in age, don’t forget to make adaptations for little ones. From faucet extenders that reach tiny fingers to bathroom stools that make reaching sinks and toilets easier, there are many devices designed especially for toddlers and small kids.

The best part of designing a bathroom for kids is the world of possibilities. The ideas above are a great place to start, but have fun! Think about what you and your kids enjoy and then build a bathroom theme around it. After that, implement little touches to make the bathroom functional for everyone.



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