Guest post: Why does my baby sweat so much?

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“Why does my baby sweat so much?”

Today’s guest post comes to us from Lily Hayes, founder of, and she writes about the question some parents may ask, “Why does my baby sweat so much?” She offers some insight into why babies sweat, ways to keep them cool and when to seek out medical attention for a baby who might be sweating when they shouldn’t be. Overall, this article offers some valuable information for you to consider when answering the question, “Why does my baby sweat so much?”

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Find out why your baby sweats

Purple Pinwheel Why does my baby sweat so muchMost new parents are worried about one thing in common, when they see their baby sweat too much. The question that gets them worked up is, “Why does my baby sweat so much?” There are many reasons for this and if you are really interested to know more about this, then read this post to the very end and get all the details.

Tell me more about why does my baby sweat so much?

“Why does my baby sweat so much?”

As mentioned earlier there could be many causes that trigger sweating in a baby. Both external as well as internal factors should be taken into consideration while taking a close look into this matter. Did you know that the temperature of the room can make babies sweat?

That said, you should keep the baby room ventilated and keep a fan or air conditioner on mildly (depending on the temperate zone you are living in). At an early age, the body temperature of any baby can be on higher side so direct contact with air is mandatory to cool him/her off and putting your baby under and AC is not harmful and often recommended by doctors as well.

Yes, but one thing you should be advised of is to visit a doctor if you think your baby is sweating profusely. Being a parent, if you find something to be alarming, it may be found not to be the case, but, as a precaution, you should still seeking advice from a medical professional to determine a solution. Nonetheless, here are is a set of explanations that can give you some relief.

Why does my baby sweat so much: Emergency Room Sign, Source: Pexels Why does my baby sweat so much
Emergency Room Sign, Source: Pexels
  1. Overtly clothed: This is a major problem with most first time parents as they do not know what amount of clothing can keep their babies protected. Often, the simplest thing is to do is clothe your baby in something that keeps them relaxed and not much more. They need to be able to crawl, walk, run or even fall comfortably. Make sure you don’t overdo this with overly thick clothing.
  2. Truth about sweat glands: This is something that every parent should know, babies do not have active sweat glands, except for one. The only active sweat gland lies in their head and that is why more often, you may notice that they sweat in their heads.
  3. Sweating as you feed: This is common sense, you support the baby’s head with either your palms or by placing the baby in your lap. Because you are supporting the baby’s head, that makes them sweat. It is that simple!
  4. Sweating at night: You may have noticed them to be sweating the most when they sleep. This is why you may observe that during their sleep a baby may sweat more. In reality, babies do not toss and turn, like someone older, and they tend to sleep in one position for long periods of time. Some do not turn at all and a few may turn a little, this makes them sweat more.
  5. Signs to worry about: If you have noticed your baby sweats excessively while eating, then that should raise an alarm for some kind of a disorder. It could be infection, sleep apnea, congenital heart disease or even sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, in which a baby goes deep into sleep and it is difficult to wake your baby. Please consult a doctor or a pediatrician if you observe any of these symptoms in your baby.

Precautions to take

Don’t worry, babies sweat in general more than adults, even if they do not have active sweat glands! Now, you know a part of the “why does my baby sweat so much?” What you need to know is how to stop your baby from sweating and making them comfortable. Here are a few ways that you can keep in mind while doing so:

  • Give them a thorough bath from head to toe with nice warm water everyday
  • Wash their hair once in every 2 to 3 days and then quickly dry their hair
  • If possible engage them into some kind of a play right after bath (outdoor playing will be better if the weather is nice)
  • Trim their hair once in a span of 40 to 50 days, on average, as this will give them the relief and you will notice less sweating (although it may be difficult to trim their baby curls)
  • Keep your house smoke, allergen and germ free
  • Avoid keeping or letting them go near perfumes, deodorants or even incense sticks
  • Do not use a knit cap during winters for indoor use
  • Tuck them up with a blanket and do not put a kint cap on baby’s head during cold nights
  • During Summers, dress your baby in cotton clothes
  • Dress them lightly, the way you would when you feel the weather is very warm and don’t hesitate to use the baby powder where needed.
  • Let them sleep in a big place where they can move their body easily and help make self adjustment easier while sleeping.
  • Ensure that their night dress feels like you sleeping without a cover
  • While feeding, find out the best position that keeps the head the free and aired
  • Temperature of the room should be kept within a range of 68 to 72° F.
Why does my baby sweat so much: Teddy bear reading a book, Source: Pexels Why does my baby sweat so much
Teddy bear reading a , Source: Pexels

Overall, maintain a basic hygiene that keeps them relaxed and fresh all the time. Afterall, keeping your baby happy is an imperative that all parents want and we know you are no different. As some advice, let them adapt to their surroundings in a natural way.

Again, in order to keep your baby cheerful, you need to focus on things that will make them cozy and you will, in turn, have a content baby around. This is the healthiest thing to do and your baby will not get sick because of all the care that you show them.

Now that you know so much about babies and their sweating, you must not be apprehensive about it anymore. Just remember to keep your baby:

  • In a well ventilated room
  • Clothe them comfortably
  • Maintain an ambient comfortable temperature

Everything will be fine if you do all of these three things. It is my hope that I have answered all your questions in regard, to this seemingly simple question, “why does my baby sweat so much?” Does your baby seem to sweat quite a bit? What did you find out about why your baby sweats a lot? We want to know. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or if you have some feedback on this article in the comments section below.


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