Is my Monster Wreath a Pinterest win or Pinterest fail?

Dark Orange PinwheelRecently, I saw a pin on Pinterest from Baby Rabies that a Tulle Monster Wreath tutorial.

Monster Wreath: Supplies, Source: Baby Rabies

Source: Baby Rabies

Like all modern moms, I decided to try my hand at something I found on Pinterest to see how it might turn out and also thought it might be something fun to do with the kids. So, .

While working on this craft project, I found that my kids (ages 6 yrs., 3 yrs., and 9 months) lost interest quickly. However, I was determined to make it work and kept at it. Overall, it took an hour or two to put together and it is something that we can now leave on our door during October, adding to our other festive decorations we have .

Monster Wreath: Comparison, 2014 Copyright Christine Hull, Windy Pinwheel

2014 Copyright Christine Hull, Windy Pinwheel

Here’s what some of my Face friends had to say about it:

Turned out great!

- Rebecca T.

Love this!

- Jenna K.

It looks like a deformed Muppet, but I think it looks better than the original.

- Anonymous

So, what do you think? Is this a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  • rosannepm

    Sorry but it doesn’t look the original but you gave it a good try. Rosanne

  • Shannon R

    I like the third picture on the page better then the fourth. I think its cuter. I’m not sure how come there is two pictures. Is one the one you saw on pinterest and the other the one you made?

    • Will Hull

      Thanks for the feedback, Shannon. Yeah, you’re looking at our comparison shot of the original (the one you liked) versus ours under neath it. It turns out you found our version to be a fail. That’s not a bad thing. You’re just being honest. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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