The Playroom: South Reno’s indoor play space for children

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As of April 6, 2013, The Playroom was acquired by Jump Man Jump and moved to that location on Edison Way in Reno, .

We will post a review of Jump Man Jump as soon as we visit that location.



The Playroom is an indoor play space for a cold and rainy or sweltering hot day for kids as old as eight years-old.

Pink Pinwheel the playroomOn a cold rainy day, like today, I like to take my children to The Playroom. The Playroom is an indoor play space where children can play as long as they like with no time limits that is mommy-owned and operated by Daniela Ferrari, a mother of 3 little girls who acquired the business in March of 2010.

“[Daniela Ferrari] is very involved in the local early childhood association and committed to continuing to develop fantastic programs for young children. She has also taken many graduate and continuing education classes in child development and is always looking to learn more. When talking about her work with kids, Daniela state[s], ‘I absolutely love working with children… it’s always been my love, my life, my passion!'” Source: The Playroom website

Ms. Ferrari was a customer prior to purchasing The Playroom. “She has always loved The Playroom and is very excited to be able to continue to offer it to the community.”

The Playroom: Climbing Structure, Source: Google Places, the playroom
Source: Google Places,

The Playroom motto is “Play, Grow, Celebrate”. These words ring true from what I experienced. My children and I had a great time at this location. Complete with a bounce house, child-sized pink house, complete with a kitchen and plastic-molded food as , a great climbing structure that just about any adult can fit inside (I am 6’5″ and I was easily able to scale the structure with the kids) complete with a tube slide, an area just for infants, rock climbing walls, seating for parents to watch, electronic massage chairs (you will need to pay to turn them on; similar to a vending machine), and much more.

The Playroom: Child-sized House, Source: Google Places, the playroom
Source: Google Places,

I have to admit, I’m a little biased in my opinion because when I was living in San Diego, California for short period of time (July 2011 through January 2012), I was exposed to My Kids Clubhouse. My Kids Clubhouse is very similar to The Playroom in that there is unlimited playtime, a climbing structure, and other for the kids to play with, including a puppet show area. The climbing structure at My Kids Clubhouse is much larger than that found at The Playroom. Also, the space found at My Kids Clubhouse was much larger than The Playroom. However, The Playroom utilizes its space very well and I give them credit for that. Where The Playroom has a leg up on My Kids Clubhouse is the always present bounce house. My kids can’t get enough of jumping around in any bounce house. It’s a great choice for this location.

The Playroom: Climbing Wall and Toddler Play Structure, Source: Foursquare, the playroom
Source: Foursquare,

Since My Kids Clubhouse is in San Diego, California, it’s as though I’m comparing apples and oranges, and I don’t intend to do that. I also worked at Fun Quest while I was in high school and the Grand Sierra Resort was still the Reno Hilton; I will leave Fun Quest to another review. I just want you to know that I have another perspective of what The Playroom can be. That being said, The Playroom is a perfect play space for children in the Reno, area.

The Playroom is perfect for special occasions as well. Most weekends, the space is ed for birthday parties and other events where parents may want to have a private party. Most Saturdays, however, you can find The Playroom open for free play until noon. You may need to call in advance to find out if it is available for open play on Saturdays or sign up for their e-mail alerts. The latter is how I usually get news of events happening at The Playroom.

The Playroom: Birthday Parties, Source: Google Places, the playroom
Source: Google Places,

On our first trip, I decided to purchase a punch card so that my children and I can return whenever we like and we don’t have to worry about paying each time. I would highly encourage you to do the same.

From my impression, this location is perfect for children as old as eight years-old. My children are well within that range, so we found this place perfect for our family to enjoy several hours of free play. We were quite impressed with this indoor play space.

Have you visited the playroom? What was your experience? I can tell you most emphatically that my kids and I had a great time.

Where: 8745 Technology Way, suite F, Reno, NV 89521 (Near IGT on Double R Boulevard).

What: The Playroom indoor play space for kids.

Need to know: Open play on weekdays and until noon on (most) Saturdays. Perfect spot for birthday parties and private dad or mommy group times. Be sure to wear or bring a pair of socks with you. You can’t get in without them on your feet.

Check out their website for a detailed calendar.

Extra Extra: Get a punch card and save money and the time it takes to pay each visit.

Website/Contact Information:

The Playroom (Location Closed)

  • Price 10
  • Customer Service 10
  • Number of Activities 8.5
  • Activity Quality 8.5
  • Photo Opportunities 8
  • Age Appropriate Activities 10
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