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2013 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel

Kick butt the right way. Empower yourself with the knowledge of self-defense tactics.

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Last month we received the tragic news that a woman was raped while on a run less than 2 miles from my house.  News like this really hits home.  I frequently run with my kids, and I have ran on the very same road the woman was attacked on.  News like this makes you want to stay home and close and lock all of the windows.  However, reactions like that, while understandable, aren’t reasonable nor the answer.  There is always a possibility, while remote, that someone can be out to harm you.  You can’t hide away forever, but you can arm yourself with basic techniques that will make you safer.

Self-Defense: Let's Talk, 2013 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel
2013 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel

Many people avoid learning self defense for a few reasons.  The most common is, “That won’t happen to me”.  Obviously, this is a dangerous cop-out as often occurs without warning.  The woman recently attacked had ran in that area for 10 years.  It just so happened that on this particular run she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Another excuse is that the self-defense moves are too difficult or too physical.  This is absolutely untrue.  Most moves are designed for anyone ability.  You will be amazed at the power of a finger hold.  Learning where the naturally weak points on the body are and utilizing those against your attacker is key to successful self defense.

Self-Defense: Learn to protect yourself, 2013 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel
2013 Copyright
Lauren Bradfield,
Windy Pinwheel

Finally, there’s the time factor complaint.  “I just don’t have time.”  While it’s true that training for your black belt in a martial arts field take years, learning basic self defense techniques can be done in in as little as an hour.

Remember, your main goal to in self defense is to incapacitate your attacker long enough for you to get away.

Don’t allow excuses to be the reason you don’t pursue a greater knowledge of self-defense.  Many places in town offer such classes, but I can speak personally of Champion Martial Arts in South Reno.  Working with Sensei Ryan (a 5th degree black belt in jujitsu) has definitely allowed me to feel more confident in my defense capabilities.  I already hold my black belt in karate, but it is important to continue refresher courses.  I have learned new techniques through the different discipline, such as escapes from different holds (wrist grabs, behind the back grabs, throat chokes, etc.) and new ways to incapacitate a pursuer long enough to allow me time to run away.  I can’t recommend his program enough.  Make sure to check out his next class time (they are often offered free of charge!) at www.cmareno.com.

You do not have to be a victim.  Give yourself the tools to fight back and learn self-defense!

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