Running with the Pack during the University of Nevada Wolf Pack Football Season

2012 Windy Pinwheel

Battle Ready, Battle Born for University of Football

Blue Pinwheel Wolf Pack FootballIt’s that time of year again. Men and women (but let’s be honest, mostly men) who previously used Sundays to finish chores around the house and shuttle kids to events now plant their bottoms firmly on the coach surrounded by snacks and drinks. Yes, it’s time for the University of football season.

University of Nevada Wolf Pack Football: Wolf Pack - Battle Born, Source: Wolf Pack Football

To celebrate its return, we decided to cheer on our alma mater, the University of football team, in their first home game of the season against South Florida University. It was a long day for us as we got up to see the balloon races that weekend, but this was our first chance to see the team in years so we decided to risk nap time with Mr. C and cart him to his first live University of Football game.

First and most importantly, we arrived about an hour early to find parking. We were ecstatic to find parking in the close parking garage next to Mackay Stadium. We would learn the error of our ways trying to leave the multi-level garage once the game ended (hello 30 minute traffic delay), but ignorance is bliss and we were happy to park and complete our next task, finding gear.

The UNR store is not the only place in town to find school gear. I frequently see shirts and hats in grocery stores and Silver and Blue Outfitters in Meadowood Mall (update: now across Virginia Street near Lawlor Events Center as well) has a huge assortment of items, but that requires a bit more pre-planning than we put into this trip. Fortunately, the store was open and once we were properly attired, we made our way to Mackay Stadium.

Note to University of football fans: at this game, Silver and Blue Outfitters brought a portable store inside the stadium selling their gear.

University of Nevada Wolf Pack Football: NEVADA, Go Wolf Pack, 2012 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel Wolf Pack Football
2012 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel

The University of football game was in the afternoon so we opted to buy seats underneath the home stand on the west side of the stadium. I highly recommend getting a seat high up under this stand when going to afternoon games early in the season. The sun sinks behind the stand and fortunately you are in the shade. Once the weather cools it’s not as big of a deal, but the first few games it’s a necessity.

We arrived inside the stadium with about 20 minutes to spare before the game began, so we had some time to wander around. Fortunately, the Wolf Pack knows that some of their fans are pint size and have included activities that appeal to them, including bounce houses. And of course, the mascots Alphie and Wolfie Jr., always take time to entertain the kids.

Mackay Stadium has plenty of food options. There’s the usual stadium fare of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips & salsa. For those wanting healthier options, Port of Subs is on location with pre-made sandwiches to choose from. As long as you’re not dying for a smorgasbord of international cuisine, you will find something for your family.

Sleepy Nevada Wolf Pack Fan, 2012 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel Wolf Pack Football
2012 Copyright Lauren Bradfield, Windy Pinwheel

All in all, minus the most depressing hiccup of UNR losing an 11 point lead within the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, the game was a blaring success. We’re definitely looking forward to our next game (with a hopeful better outcome for the Pack)! In the meantime…

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack!”

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