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Dark Green Pinwheel gardenGardening with kids can be an experience rich with learning, fun and quality time for your entire family. It can be as simple as a few containers of flowers all the way up to a full vegetable and fruit garden that feeds your entire family.

When: Spring through Fall

Where: Your own backyard, patio or a community garden

What: Growing your own vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, etc. can be a fun adventure but can also take a lot of time and teach your children patience while they wait for everything to grow. Have your children keep a weekly log of the changes they see.

How to dress and what to bring: Make sure you cover up with sunscreen and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Grab a pair of comfortable canvas or leather gloves and shoes that clean up easily.

Need to know:  The seasons in Northern can vary each year.

Extra Extra: For some extra fun, get your children smaller size shovels and a little watering can so they can help.

Dad’s Take: Dads can get into the mix by building something with our own bare hands.

“Arrh, arrh, arrh!”

For starters, try building a raised garden bed. Some detailed plans can be found at We build one in our own backyard. Take a look at the results below in our gallery.

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