Guest Post: 6 tips on how to install vinyl wall decals on textured walls

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Add vinyl wall decals to your remodel and save on remodel expenses

Following up from their first guest post a couple of weeks ago, today’s guest post comes to us again from Twiisted Design Print Media who write about ways to update your home’s décor with vinyl wall decals. If you are looking to save on the expense of a remodel, adding tasteful vinyl wall decals can be a relatively inexpensive method to update the look of your home. Below are some great ideas and tips to make it happen..

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6 tips on how to install vinyl wall decals on textured walls

Purple vinyl wall decalsGone are the days of conventional paints, vinyl wall decals are the hottest trend ruling nowadays. We all love painting different shades of color to our walls, but designing beautiful patterns, picturing flowers and writing your quotes offer an altogether compelling visual appeal. But what makes vinyl wall decals so great, is their ease of installation on walls and their affordability. Nevertheless, installing vinyl wall decals and stickers over textured walls can be a little tricky. If, you too, have textured wall and plaster on your home or office décor, and want to learn how to install your favorite vinyl wall decal theme on it, follow these quick tips and you’ll be a pro in no time:

  1. Choose the right kind: To decide what may suit your wall type best, perform thorough research on different vinyl wall decal options. Don’t just rely on the shop around the corner but research online as well, until you find the right kind of vinyl wall decal that works better on your bumpy walls. Twiisted Media can offer you a wide variety of inspiring wall graphics and vinyl wall decal ideas.
  2. Work with your existing colors: While opting for a special vinyl wall decal with beautiful colors, consider matching the shades and color pallettes with your appliances and things like your cabinets, sink, countertop, as well as backsplash, and don’t foget about your surrounding wall colors. You can go for shiny or brushed metal colors, plain black or white, woody or textured and several other color options with your vinyl wall decals. Furthermore, consider matching colors with your kitchen flooring as well.
  3. Magical glue stick: Why magical? Because it can sort out the ever growing problems of vinyl decal wall decal applications. Sometimes, one end of a script letter or side edges of another beautiful piece doesn’t stick on the wall. Here comes the importance of a glue stick in making the vinyl holding onto their desired place. Make sure to use an accurate amount of glue as not to create a messy application.
  4. Use a hair dryer to increase the design’s flexibility: Before using a hair dryer for extending flexibility feature of your vinyl wall decal, set the right temperature so as not to melt the plastic vinyl. Flexible vinyl is easier to adapt to the wall’s folds, therefore, sticking better than it would otherwise.
  5. Clean the wall surface before any application: Elements like pet hairs, dust, a scratched surface and so forth might not be visible right away, but will impact your application if you are not careful. If you want your stickers to go on smoothly and last longer on your walls, it is important to first clean and prepare the surface rather than assuming that its clean beforehand. For this, you can either employ a cleaning solution or a dab of alcohol over the surface. Also, do not hurry to apply the vinyl wall decal unless the area is completely dry!
  6. Pay extra attention to the end result: As a tip, use a store shopping club card, gift card or even a debit/credit card to help help in obtaining a higher quality result.

Start by following the given series of steps to apply your vinyl wall decal to your textured wall:

  • Remove the backing of the vinyl and then stick the decal onto the wall. You may want to apply a small piece of it at a time and pull more of the backing off as you go
  • Rub the sticker surface firmly
  • Swipe the card quickly over the area and do not stop until you feel that the vinyl is correctly applied (without any air pockets or air bubbles)
  • Be careful while sticking multiple or small pieces to line them up with eye to detail
  • Once you are done with pasting an entire vinyl stock over your textured wall, slowly remove the paper away from the vinyl in a descending direction.
  • After pulling off the unwanted layer, rub over the art decal again to ensure its better durability as to how long it will last on your wall.

This list can assist you better in vinyl wall decal installations on your walls. You can choose from millions of vinyl wall decal ideas and designs to decorate your office or home. Often, performing home renovations can result in high costs. You can also go for custom wall vinyl wall decal design options for adding a personal touch to your space. Vinyl wall decals offer a creative perspective of changing the old picture aesthetic of your home décor to give it an entirely new look without hitting your pocket in a major way.


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