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Today’s paid guest post comes to us from Kiley Morrow, a content strategy writer from, and she shares the pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation. Kiley writes about some of the great benefits from spending time with your kids and creating treasured memories, but she also sheds light on some of the things that might not be the most fun, like dealing with excess baggage and bored kids. Overall, Kiley covers a wide array of pros and cons you should consider when thinking about vacationing with your children.

What are some of your stories while vacationing with your kids? We’d love to know. Share your comments with us below.

Thanks for the great article, Kiley!

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Pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation

Purple Pinwheel taking your kids on vacationTraveling with your entire family is incredibly fun, but things can get a bit stressful sometimes. And when you add kids to that equation, some parents will feel dread, while others will be excited about all the activities they can do together.

Yes, it is challenging and you have to multitask throughout the day, but making good memories your kids will fondly remember is more important. Being well prepared and knowing all the difficulties you might face is crucial.

So here is everything you need to know before you pack up your bags and head out for a vacation with your kids.

Family on a sailboat, Source: Emma Johnson of Beaches taking your kids on vacation
Source: Emma Johnson of Beaches

Pros of taking your kids on vacation

Spending quality time with your kids

First, in our list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation is spending time with your kids. Being a parent is a full-time position. You have to take a proper care of your kids and you sometimes forget to actually have fun with your youngsters.

If you are a working parent, you might feel even more disconnected from your kids. This can change during a vacation because you will have plenty of time to hang out with them and try different activities that will bring you closer.

You will be away from your work during the vacation so focusing on your family and kids will be easier. Forget about the deadlines or work related stress and live in the moment. Your primary goal should be reconnecting with your kids and making the trip unforgettable for everyone.

A new experience

Taking your kids on family vacations means that they will get to experience plenty of things for the first time. Their enthusiasm when you get to a beach will make you enjoy that place even if you have been there countless times.

Sign them up for interesting mini adventures, such as seeing the local animal world or tours of the local area. Simply sit back and watch their faces light up when they see something new to them. Soak in the excitement and you will get to experience these things from a whole new perspective

Learning opportunities

Kids are very curious and they are eager to learn new things and taking your kids with you on vacation is no exception and is next in our list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation. Traveling will allow them to absorb information quickly because the environment is completely different from a standard classroom. So if you are traveling to a country that has a lot of historical sights, make sure you take them there.

You can do a bit of preparation and act as a tour guide. Your kids will become better students and probably learn some other practical skills which will be useful later on. So make sure you include some interesting quests during each family vacation.

Treasured memories

Some of our most cherished family memories are closely related to travel and is one of the top positives in our list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation. Many unforgettable moments happen while you are exploring the world. You can probably recall a couple of them right now. So if you want your kids to experience similar things, do your best to travel as much as possible as a family.

You will often mention the adventures from your vacations even after you come back home and they will stay with you forever. Continue the tradition and your kids will do the same once they have their own families.

Father and daughter on the beach creating treasured memories, Source: Pexels taking your kids on vacation
Source: Pexels

Cons of taking your kids on vacation

Unsatisfied kids

Sometimes your kids might not like a certain place and they could feel bored. The chances are they will start complaining and asking to leave even if it is not possible. Different weather conditions might have an influence on their mood and the heat can make them feel agitated.

There are plenty of solutions to this problem such as handing them an iPad and letting them play or watch a cartoon. You also have to listen to their needs and make sure to include engaging activities into your daily schedule.

Girl sleeping on a beach, Source: Pixabay taking your kids on vacation
Source: Pixabay

The price

Going on a vacation as a couple is more affordable than traveling with kids and is definitely something we won’t forget to mention among our negatives in our list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation. Taking your whole family out of the country will definitely cost you more. You can either accept this or try to find a more affordable version which will be more budget-friendly.

For instance, try to find an early bird or last-minute offers on trusted discount websites. There are some great offers that are ideal for families. All-inclusive vacations are a good idea because the price includes unlimited foods and drinks, as well as other activities within a resort which can be something your kids will enjoy.

If you do go all-inclusive, just remember there’s family-friendly resorts and adults-only resorts. Look at the marketing materials and pick one that works for kids and adults. You don’t want to be staying in the honeymoon suite with your kids.

Excess luggage

Traveling with kids often includes additional luggage and you might feel overwhelmed and this is among those in our list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation.

They do require more space because they would want to pack , games, etc. Plus, there are piles of clothes, gadgets, baby equipment, and so on. You need to know what to expect. After all, there is a huge difference between a stay at an all-inclusive resort and a camping trip. The latter will require much more baggage.

The best thing you can do is to try not to over pack. Be smart with your decisions and limit the number of clothes, especially if you are traveling to a warm place. Allow a couple of for each kid and bring only the necessary equipment. Your kids will probably forget that they have no because there will be so many new things to do on your family vacation.

Teddy bear climbing out of luggage, Source: Pixabay taking your kids on vacation
Source: Pixabay

So, what do you think of this list of pros and cons of taking your kids on vacation? Do you have something to add? Something that you completely agree with? What is your experience while vacationing with kids? Please share with us by leaving a comment below.


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