Product Showcase: Disney Pixar Finding Dory Dive Characters (Set of Three) from SwimWays


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Your little guppies will love these Disney Finding Dory dive characters from SwimWays!

Purple Pinwheel finding doryWho doesn’t like swimming on a hot Summer day? Want to make it more fun and exciting? This set of 3 soft, flexible water have cool Finding Dory characters and bright colors which are easy to look at and find while swimming underwater. These pool are great for swim training and dive practice and for role play by the poolside. Every set includes Dory, Nemo and Hank. These dive characters are suitable for use with children ages 5+.

  • Disney Finding Dory Dive Characters from SwimWays are a 3-pack of soft and versatile Finding Dory character dive stick characters!
  • Bright colors and Fun, recognizable characters that are easy to find and look at underwater.
  • Great dive for swim practice.
  • Fun for poolside role play too.
  • Three characters in every pack: Dory, Nemo and Hank.


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