Six kids craft ideas you’ll really enjoy

Oragami T-Rex, Source: Jo Nakashima

Lime Pinwheel kids craft ideaAny loving father or mother enjoys seeing the fruits of their kid’s creative endeavors. From painting, to collages, to sculpture, we all wish to see kids experience as many artwork forms and creative outlets as they can. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the quantity of art work your child produces (and sometimes feel guilty whenever you worry whether or not it’s going to go with your current decor scheme), we’ve rounded up six fun kids craft ideasthat you and your youngsters can do together and that you’re going to not only want to display proudly in any room, it’ll have friends asking the place you bought the brand new artwork!

Fabric embroidery hoops

As the kids get older, they might grow out of their old tee-shirts, pajamas, pants, shorts and such garments. While most will go to thrift shops or younger brothers or sisters, there could also be a couple of which are too damaged and tattered to donate or too beloved to part with. Rather than take up an area in a drawer, clothes bin or closet, for this kids craft idea, get a bunch of embroidery hoops from a nearby craft retailer in a few sizes, and create fun and colorful cloth circles! Great for highlighting color and pattern, these cloth circles could possibly be hung in a child’s room, however they’re hip enough to create a graphic and “pop art” statement. Let the kids choose what articles of clothes they want to use, what graphics/designs to frame and how they end up arranged on the wall.


Kids craft ideas: Barbie Silhouette, Source: kids craft idea
Barbie Silhouette, Source:

A most conventional and darling craft, this is a fun method to showcase all of the members of your family without just utilizing pictures. We love how customizable this kids craft idea is: there are a number of totally different methods of creating the silhouettes (like slicing out pictures or tracing shadows) however you may also use all kinds of different supplies (fabric, cardboard, construction paper, wrapping paper, old magazines) to feature any pattern, color or texture you want! Check out this Apartment Therapy post for an excellent how-to. Framing your silhouettes in vintage frames makes for the perfect wall composition in a household room, entryway, staircase and more. Your kids will love this kids craft idea for sure.

Nature print paper

Kids craft ideas: Nature Print Paper: Example, Source: Jimmie's Collage kids craft idea
Nature Print Paper, Source: Jimmie’s Collage

In what is perhaps the best kids craft idea to do, simply purchase a package of this neat Nature Print Paper and watch while the magic of the sun helps create beautiful nature-inspired artwork! Go out in your backyard, or plan a trip to a park or seashore to collect “art supplies” together with your little ones (just bear in mind to only collect from areas that are not environmentally sensitive and/or protected). Leaves, feathers, rocks, stones, anything can turn into part of this artwork composition. Once completed, these prints would look virtually professional matted, framed and hung on a wall in a collage. Do this a couple of times per year and have a rotating gallery as the seasons change!


Kids craft ideas: Oragami T-Rex, Source: Jo Nakashima, YouTube kids craft idea
Oragami T-Rex, Source: Jo Nakashima

Why stick with only two-dimensional artwork? Origami, the historic Japanese art of folding paper, is an enjoyable, educational and relatively mess-free kids craft idea and activity for both grown-ups and kids of many ages. Tons of s on the topic can be found to purchase, as well as through your public library, and do not forget about the plethora of online sources (we like Origami Resource Center and Origami Fun). So what can you do with these origami masterpieces as soon as they are created? Clear off a tabletop, fireplace mantle or windowsill and create a fun and colorful arrangement for everyone to see and enjoy. Add string and dangle a bunch of origami items from the ceiling for an impromptu mobile and art installation. Even promote recycling with your kids through the use of previous paper for the project!

Abstract canvas artwork

Do you remember that episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 where she took the kids to an art studio to create large-scale abstract canvas art pieces? Kate was ready to pick colors of acrylic paint that went together with her home’s color decor, and the kids got an entire array of tools to use to paint with, from brushes, to tin foil, to sponges, to tissue paper and more. Only your creativeness is your limit — let the kids go free and you’ll have complete art that matches the colors used to decorate your home that might rival these of a contemporary art museum! Tip: the bigger the canvas, the more like an actual piece of art it can come to feel like! Though the canvases can be your largest purchase, watch out for art store sales, and begin accumulating the tools to make this amazing piece of art now! Or search for comparable businesses that have packages just like the one within this episode and have them clean up the mess! Along with original artwork shops, there are locations online to search for offers on artwork supplies (we like Utrecht Art Supplies).

Graphic prints

Kids craft ideas: DIY Potato Stamp, Source: kids craft idea
DIY Potato Stamp, Source:

This kids craft idea is all the rage for contemporary art lovers. Why spend tons of cash on them when you and your kids can produce them for as a very kid-friendly arts and activity? Creating stamps is a time-honored kids craft mission, and there isn’t any reason why this artwork type can’t be transformed right into a hip project that you’re going to like to see on your walls in your home. There are tons of various and easy methods to make your own personal stamps (we love the great kids craft idea in this Apartment Therapy article and the traditional potato stamp suggested on Let kids select the colors and arrangements for the artwork that is fun, and feel free to recommend a couple of compositional adjustments for the art that can seem like a professional print created by a graphic designer.

So what do you think? Are these great kids craft ideas? Have you tried any of these before or will you try some in the future? Let us know below in the comment section.

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