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In the High Tech Kids segment series we will share our favorite apps and kid friendly technology. Today, we take a look at several Duck Duck Moose apps available on the iTunes app store, Google Play and Amazon App Marketplace.

Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Trucks, Park Math, Word Wagon, Wheels on the Bus, phonics and math. All from Duck Duck Moose? Oh my!

Duck Duck Moose Apps for iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle

Purple Pinwheel duck duck mooseOur daughter received an iPad (the original) as a gift from my mom when they were still fairly new. My husband, Will, and I already had iPhones at the time, so we knew she loved playing with the apps and we had already discovered our first Duck Duck Moose app. We originally were told by a friend to download the “Wheels on the Bus” app. Our daughter, A, loved this song already and we used to sing it in swimming class, so I thought, why not. At the time, I was not loving the idea of paying for apps (I have since learned that sometimes, for children, to avoid ads, it’s best to pay a little bit for an app).

The Wheels on the Bus app is an interactive app that takes you page by page for each line of the song. On each page, you can touch and move the characters and they will do fun and interesting things that will entertain any young child. What started as an incredibly catchy and enjoyable app turned our daughter into very engaged toddler.


I soon discovered that Duck Duck Moose had some other apps which I promptly purchased. Duck Duck Moose apps are incredibly engaging and educational. Since our initial downloads, we signed up for their mailing list, which gives us a heads up for any new apps they introduce to the iTunes store. Recent additions to their family of apps include "Trucks” and “Princess Fairy Tale Maker“. Each were instant hits for our household.

Our children have gone through several developmental phases with the Duck Duck Moose apps. Initially, I had to manipulate them and it was just visual stimulation. We then moved into learning the songs and eventually moved to the stage where they can manipulate the entire experience themselves; all by age two.

Duck Duck Moose has also recently come out with two apps for preschool learning. One of them for math and the other for phonics. Park Math helps children work through early math skills and Word Wagon uses the theories of phonemic awareness to teach early reading skills.

With each app, Duck Duck Moose continues to impress this parent who also happens to be an educator.

Duck Duck Moose: Old MacDonald Game Play

Duck Duck Moose: Itsy Bitsy Spider Game Play

Duck Duck Moose: Wheels on the Bus Game Play

Where: The App Store or Android Marketplace

What: Duck Duck Moose apps

Need to know: Duck Duck Moose apps are all available for iPhone/iTouch devices and most are available in HD for iPad; some, not all are also available on the Android Market.

Extra Extra: Duck Duck Moose is offering their award winning “Old MacDonald” for a limited time for free… Check it out now and get your first Duck Duck Moose App, if you don’t have one already. Also sign up for their email updates to get early information and discounts for new apps and special deals.

Website/Contact Information: www.DuckDuckMooseDesign.com/


  • Price 8.5
  • Educational 10
  • Replay Potential 10
  • Parent Approved 10
  • Kid Approved 10
  • iTunes 10
  • Android Marketplace 8
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