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Personalize an eCard or note and deliver it digitally via Face or even text message for that special someone in your life using the Red Stamp Android and iOS apps.

Grapefruit Pinwheel red stampWe are busy parents. In fact, we don’t know any parents who aren’t busy. We all wish there is at least one extra hour in the day regularly. Our hope, with this website, is entirely focused to help busy parents find great things to do with their children and make life just a little bit easier.

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Today, we are reviewing an app that is sure to do just that… make your life easier.

When was the last time you noticed all your friends wishing another friend “Happy Birthday” on Face and thought, I can’t believe I forgot their birthday? Or you realized it’s now over two months since your daughter’s birthday party and the thank you cards you lovingly picked out are still sitting on your kitchen counter.

Red Stamp is the answer to your prayers. The Red Stamp app designers call it “Modern Correspondence”. Red Stamp is really easy to use and I find myself sending cute cards to friends and family more often now because it’s right at my fingertips. I love that I can post on someone’s wall, or just send them a text message with the image right in it. I also love how many options it has for types of cards and includes photo and non-photo cards. Many of the cards have several color options as well.

We love the Red Stamp App and use it all the time. Since its free, give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Where: Free on the App Store.

What: Modern correspondence. Send a digital eCard and note to friends and family for birthdays, holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, , etc. and just about any other special occasion or for no occasion at all. This app is “[v]oted Best Of the Web by InStyle Magazine and featured in the New York Times, on The Today Show, MSNBC, CBS Early Show, and more.

Need to know:  Easy to sort by event and uses your photos to easily include a personalized touch.

Extra Extra: Purchase “collections” for even more selection and fun.

Website/Contact Information: or visit their blog at

  • Price 10
  • Educational 8
  • Replay Potential 10
  • Parent Approved 10
  • Kid Approved 10
  • iTunes 10
  • Android Marketplace 10
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