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Pink Pinwheel run mama runIn this series of posts, Lauren and Christine plan to provide their own personal stories of running, getting into and staying in shape, losing baby weight and taking some time out of their busy schedules for themselves.

Both Lauren and Christine love to run, especially outside with the beautiful Sierras in the background. Northern has some of the most beautiful running trails, including many just steps from your front door. Join us as we begin our running adventure.

Running isn’t just something you do by jumping up off the couch and opening the front door and jogging into your neighborhood. However, it’s nearly the case with iPhone apps like Couch-to-5K (view their website) and other programs designed for the novice. What you need first is some equipment to get you to a place where you reduce the risk of injury as well as maximize the benefit that running provides the body. First you’ll need some shoes. Some good shoes. Not just some you might want to pick up at DSW or a similar store off the shelf.

You might want to start by getting a “gait analysis” performed at a location like the Reno Running Company. In many cases, these analyses are free for the customer. “Your stride is a feature completely unique to you, like your fingerprints or voice signature. As such, everyone deserves a shoe that truly fits, a shoe that don’t just look good but feels good.” – Reno Running Company.

What impresses me the most about Reno Running Company is their approach to the sale. They are not pushy at all and are there for your best interests and your health. They want you to love running and open you up to a world of therapeutic physical activity; an activity just for you. Take it from me, I haven’t run for nearly 5-6 years prior to getting my first gait analysis and since then I have completed my first 5K when I was living in the Washington, DC area (the Scope It Out 5K to raise awareness for Colon Cancer Awareness) using the Couch-to-5K iPhone app.

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I began running over the winter months and let me tell you, if you can get through the winter months running outside, you can make it year-round. What is great about the iPhone app is that it gradually increased the level of effort of running. It told me when to run and when I could walk. After some time, I was able to run longer than the app told me to run. It became a mental win for me to be able to run longer than a suggested time. I highly recommend this app.

Check back soon as we explore more mama adventures in running with our next installment of the series.

Reno Running Company

When: Open 7 Days a Week, check out their website for their official schedule.

Where: The Summit Mall in South Reno near Mt. Rose Highway.

What: Get fitted for new shoes, buy yourself a new outfit or find out about a race in town. You can also inquire about joining a running club/team.

How to dress and what to bring: Bring yourself and clothes you can do a light jog in. I would advise to do this without your children; you want to be focused on yourself as much as possible.

Need to know: Before you buy a new pair of shoes, an expert will put you on the treadmill and have you run while your feet are recorded in what is called a gait analysis. After a quick run you will then watch your feet in slow motion to see how your body and feet move throughout your stride. This is vital to buying a really good pair of shoes that will help you avoid injury.

Extra Extra: Reno Running Company is a locally owned business and supports many events in the region.

Website/Contact Information:

Reno Running Company


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