Get a taste of Hollywood at a locally owned salon just for kids. Pay a visit to Hollylocks in Reno, Nevada

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Pink PinwheelAfter an unfortunate accident where my daughter had a knot in her hair and tried to remove it on her own… with scissors, my wife and I decided to try out another location in Reno that specializes in . We chose Hollylocks in the same shopping as Costco off Plumb Lane. Christine and I used to live down the street from the owners of Hollylocks when we were renting (prior to November 2012). We are glad we decided to try out Hollylocks.

“During your child’s haircut they offer entertainment that makes even the most squeamish kid relax: movies, lollipops, bubbles, and Nintendo 3DS’s. They also get free glitter or color spray in their hair, a balloon, and they get to choose a prize from [their] box office.” – Reno Moms Blog

Upon entering the door, you are swept away in the atmosphere of all that is Hollywood. Everything is about the movies at Hollylocks. Besides who wouldn’t want to be a star for a day?

The staff were incredibly friendly and the person who ended up *ahem* fixing my daughter’s hair was the actual owner of the establishment.

Hollylocks is not a franchise, but a wholly owned establishment with a local owner. You could really feel it in the .

As a parent, sitting on the couches at Hollylocks was one of the most comfortable times I have ever had waiting for anyone in my family to do anything. They were extremely comfy. I could have sat there all day.

The wait wasn’t that long to be seen, even as a walk-in, and my daughter felt like a princess. They did a great job hiding her accident as well. Great work!

Hollylocks has a lot to offer:

We couldn’t be more happy with our experience. We highly recommend you pay Hollylocks a visit and feel good about patronizing a local business.

Where: Hollylocks

What: Kids haircuts & parties

Need to know: Walk-ins are welcome and your daughter can get glitter in her hair. Boys are welcome too.

Extra Extra: Your can give back to other kids. Consider making donation to Locks of Love. What a great way to restore self-esteem and confidence to those who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Donations must be 10 inches. Your will receive a certificate and a photo of the donation.

Website/Contact Information: Phone: 775-825-7905


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  • Shannon R

    Aww what a great place. I think all the extra things they offer is very cool

  • rosannepm

    It looks like a great place for kids.Wish we had one in the Midwest in my city for my grandson. Rosanne

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