High Tech Kids: More Trucks by Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks more trucks by duck duck moose
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks

In the High Tech Kids series we will share our favorite apps and kid friendly technology. Here we review the iOS and Android app More Trucks by Duck Duck Moose.

“Yay, Trucks!” Dinosaurs stomp, monster trucks crunch, and cranes build in this great iOS app by Duck Duck Moose.

Purple Pinwheel more trucks by duck duck mooseIn our first High Tech Kids review we looked at several notable Duck Duck Moose Apps, check it out here. Last week, Duck Duck Moose (DDM) came out with their first sequel app, More Trucks. I saw the excitement leading up to the release via DDM’s Facebook page. I casually mentioned the app to our kids and both were very excited. Then, unprompted, DDM contacted us and asked us and asked us if we wanted to write a review for the app. Of course, we would love to because we love their apps! When I mentioned the opportunity to the kids, they were pretty excited too and our daughter simply stated, “that’s because kids know what they are talking about.” Smart girl. So I thought, instead of my usual review, first, I would give you some thoughts from a four, almost five year-old and a 2 1/2 year-old.

Upon downloading the app: “Mom, is it ready yet?” (4 year-old)

Upon starting the app for the first time, “Oohhh, fire truck!” (2 year-old)

Upon starting their first adventure, “Yes, I got the moose monster truck!” (4 year-old) and, “The dinosaur went rrrroooaaarrr and stomped the cars!” (2year-old)

Needless to say, these kids have played with this app every chance we give them. The app is great for boys and girls and has several pieces for the kids to play with.


  • more trucks by duck duck moose

Here’s quick video of in-app game play as well as another opinion by AppySmarts.com

More Trucks by Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Monster Truck more trucks by duck duck moose
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Monster Trucks

The first place our daughter went was the Monster Truck Race. For her, this was new because she had to use both the forward/backward buttons and the up button to get the coins and avoid items in the way. It took some hand-eye coordination skills for her to do well with this game.

Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Fire Truck more trucks by duck duck moose
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Fire Truck

The next area is a fire truck that you have to drive around town and put out several fires. This is a similar process of moving the truck forward and backward and then use the button on the display to spray the water. It comes with siren sounds which make a 2 year-old very happy.

Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Tow Truck more trucks by duck duck moose
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks,
Flatbed Tow Truck and Junkyard

As mentioned in the dinosaur quote from our son, the third area is a car wrecking yard where the child loads up the flatbed tow truck (all tow trucks are called “Mater” for us for many reasons that many-a-parent understands). Then, the Mater truck takes the cars to the wrecking yard. The third step is to take the cars off the Mater truck with a huge magnet and finally a dinosaur leg stomps them. This particular piece of the app caused great excitement from both of our kids.

Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks, Crane Truck more trucks by duck duck moose
Duck Duck Moose: More Trucks,
Crane and Construction Site

The last area was my personal favorite. A crane picks up blocks and the child begins to build a building of some sort. Each time you see this area, the building outline is different. The reason I love this one is because of the great early math and puzzle cognitive skills required to fit all the pieces in the best places to build the building. This is one of the areas of this iOS app that will take some parent assistance at first, until the kids understand the process; but once they’ve done it a couple of times, they won’t need parental assistance to accomplish this task.

Overall I think a quote from our 2 year-old best sums up this app, “Yay trucks!”

Where: The App Store or on Google Play.

What: More Trucks.

Need to know: More Trucks is a sequel app to Trucks, but you do not need to have the first app in order to understand or play this one.

Extra Extra: Duck Duck Moose has a great mailing list and consistently sends out information about new apps, coloring pages, notifications when of apps go on sale, etc. all the time.

Website/Contact Information: www.DuckDuckMoose.com. Be sure to sign up and get on their email list to ensure you are in the know about app sales, etc.

Duck Duck Moose provided us with a free app download. This, in no way influenced our opinion of Duck Duck Moose nor the More Trucks app in writing this app review.


  • Just Geek US more trucks by duck duck moose

  • Price 9
  • Educational 9
  • Replay Potential 10
  • Parent Approved 10
  • Kid Approved 10
  • iTunes 10
  • Android Marketplace 10
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